The beauties of nature here!

The honey bee, the Asian ladybug, the wood snail, the monarch, the mosquito (not to mention the unwanted mosquito) and company. Our countryside, our suburbs and our cities are full of critters of a thousand colors and characteristics. The same goes for our beautiful lawns, which present more familiar plants, such as the white daisy or the officinal dandelion, but also others which are most amazing …

What a superb new collection created in Quebec that will appeal to the little ones curious about nature! Even if fall has set in, who says you need to get to know Mother Nature’s wonders only in spring and summer? The albums The bugs from here and Plants from here are a veritable wealth of information in addition to being fun and lively illustrations. Enough to fill up with “life” to keep all this light and energy in the bank for the harsh winter months! Amanda and Julien, the two likeable characters in these albums, guide young readers with great enthusiasm through their discoveries of nature.

Funny bugs

The beast album features our winged and darted species that are not necessarily pleasant to be around, but essential for the environment. You learn a lot of details about their anatomy, their food tastes (after all, they have the right to be a bit finicky too) and their habits. For example, we see that the snail uses its slime to repair its shell and that the Asian ladybug is cannibal!

Invigorating plants

The Plants Album, for its part, conducts exploration in the field in a meticulous and safe manner, especially in the company of a responsible adult to handle or even taste certain plants. We discover that the plants are much more mysterious than one might have thought … For example, the little burdock can be used to treat certain skin diseases and spring would be the best season to find the famous four-leaf clovers. .

Note that workshops are presented in these magnificent albums.

Multimax against zombies

This first volume of the series introduces Maxence Goran, a seemingly ordinary boy, but who is rather extraordinary. The young man has the power to multiply in ten copies of his own person! In fact, each of its fingers “calls” one of its copies. The number one finger connects it to force, the two to telepathy, the three to flight, etc. In this comic book, the young reader quickly discovers that each of Max’s clones is useful when mysterious crimes are rife in the yet quiet neighborhood of our hero. A comic bursting with imagination and action!

ABC: animal portraits and children’s words

Maxou & Bizou, a young Quebec company devoted to the creation of educational, educational and fun products for toddlers, offers a splendid alphabet book illustrated with watercolors. The beauty of this book is also that it was designed in collaboration with primary school teachers and their students. Thus, it is the children’s colorful imaginations that put their words on the illustrations! It is interesting to find out which animal species represents each letter of the alphabet. Maxou & Bizou also offers a memory game and growth scales.

Between here and there

Exploring the theme of mourning, in children’s literature, must be done with delicacy and this album achieves it with flying colors. Death, from a child’s perspective, is mysterious. He struggles to understand why adults talk little about it, and when they do, it is in a whisper. In this album with exceptional illustrations, Vincent talks about his confidant, a member of his family who died even before his birth. So, he never knew her, but he feels close to him and it does him good to talk to him, even if sometimes it makes him sad. A sublime album.

1, 2, 3 at school

Several children are getting to grips with school and, although the current start is different due to the pandemic, kindergarten remains an adaptation for all toddlers. In Pom’s case, next year he will take his first steps in a school, but he was so impatient to discover this new life that he decided to visit the schools of his friends. animals. At the rabbit school, he sees them learning to read, write and count. Then, Pom sees the squirrels discover the secrets of trees and nature. A gigantic album for a little story full of charm!

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