Thanks to the Corona Protocol: According to the FIA, Formula 1 can “race anywhere”

( – Thanks to a strict hygiene concept and close-knit tests, Formula 1 has been able to prevent a corona outbreak in the paddock so far. And those responsible are confident that this will continue to succeed in many countries despite the increasing number of infections, no matter where you are visiting.

Corona measures

Thanks to the measures, the shortened season has so far taken place without incident



“In my opinion, the only problem is the travel restrictions imposed by the governments,” says Bruno Famin, operational director of the FIA, in an interview with ‘’. “We have already raced in some countries or in some regions where the COVID situation was pretty bad and we did it.”

Famin sees this as proof that an event can now be held anywhere in the world with the existing procedures. “The problem is the legal issue, the travel restrictions. Whether or not we need to be quarantined, and whether the local organizer has received approval. That’s the point. It’s not about the protocol itself.”

Planning new events takes six weeks in advance

Looking ahead to the next season, Formula 1 hopes to put together a more normal calendar. However, it is currently unclear how many of the regular events will receive the green light, as it remains uncertain how the coronavirus pandemic will develop in the next few months.

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According to Famin, planning new races in the future takes up to six weeks in advance: “We have to organize the processes with the local authorities. We have to know how we are going to work with the test centers. And we have to know where they are The limits are who can go where and how we do temperature control. It’s all of these details. “

It is true that there has recently been an upward trend in positive cases in the Formula 1 environment. Those affected were primarily among the auxiliary personnel who are not directly connected to Formula 1, the FIA ​​or the teams. Despite this increase, Famin is satisfied with the state of affairs.

Famin: “It’s normal to have positive cases”

“Even at the beginning of the season, when we started again in Austria, the challenge wasn’t to avoid positive cases,” he says and explains: “Of course it was about that too. But the most important thing was the processes that we wanted make it possible to continue racing, even in positive cases, without breaking out in the paddock or in the local population. “

Because having positive cases is normal. “The challenge is to manage it, to identify the close contact, to isolate the close contact, to prevent the onset of a possible outbreak without further problems. That really is the challenge with all the events we are on steer. “

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