Systemic racism: François Legault is “screwed”, according to the opposition

The desire of certain CAQ elected officials to recognize the systemic racism targeting Aboriginal people and “a step in the right direction”, but it testifies to the “stubbornness” and “denial” of Prime Minister François Legault, judge the parties of opposition.

The duty revealed Thursday that voices are being raised within the Coalition Avenir Quebec to recognize the presence of systemic racism against Aboriginal people. By its “history,” the relationship between Aboriginal people and the state is different from that of members of other ethnocultural minorities – especially black people – some elected officials argue.

To do this, the government’s Action Group Against Racism plans to recognize systemic racism against Aboriginal people in its final report, not without first securing the support of the Prime Minister.

To better understand the Aboriginal reality

According to the leader of the official opposition, this will is not enough. “I think Mr. Legault is showing stubbornness, he is showing denial. Then honestly, we almost got to saying, like a good Quebecer, that he is “stuck“On this issue,” said Dominique Anglade. “It’s like telling me, There is one problem in particular. I recognize this one, but I refuse to recognize the other. I think we have to recognize the whole issue, “she added.

Solidarity elected official Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, meanwhile, saw the government’s will as “a step in the right direction”. “At least there is now a recognition that racism in Quebec is not just a problem to be put on the shoulders of a few individuals,” he said.

However, he was uncomfortable with the recognition of systemic racism against Aboriginal people alone. “If Mr. Legault wants to dissect the problem and say, ‘I recognize it a little bit for these people, a little less for these people”, it is his choice. Personally, I find that all of this prevents us from moving forward, all of it prevents us from focusing on action, on solutions, ”he said.

As for the interim leader of the Parti Québécois, he reiterated his position on the issue. “There is racism in Quebec. There are racists in Quebec. Worse, there are racist acts in Quebec and we must fight racism. That being said, I do not adhere, and my political party, to the definition of systemic racism, “said Pascal Bérubé.

He then indulged in a series of questions when journalists pointed out to him that three elected officials from his caucus – Véronique Hivon, Joël Arseneau and Sylvain Gaudreault – recognize the presence of systemic racism in Quebec.

” What did she say ? Can you tell me what she said? He asked of Mrs. Hivon. Tuesday evening, the member for Joliette told the Duty : “I admit it”, about systemic racism.

“Did she say those words?” »Continued Mr. Bérubé. ” [Je suis] careful, I didn’t hear him say that, ”he added.

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