“Sure, he’s not an Obama, but Joe Biden did pretty well”

United States President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent, former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden, during their first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 29.

Tom Dichter was not sure he wanted to watch the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Between his aversion to the outgoing president and his “Nervousness” to see his candidate, the Democrat, miss this key moment in the campaign, the retired anthropologist feared for a moment ” annoying “. He didn’t think so well put it.

After an hour and a half of chaotic exchanges, Tom and his wife, Susan, are dismayed by the poor quality of the service and the image it gives of American democracy. But these former supporters of Elizabeth Warren, candidate for the left of Joe Biden in the Democratic primary, are on the other hand a little reassured by the honorable performance of the former vice-president. “Sure, he’s not an Obama, he stammered a little bit but he did pretty well. “

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In their residential Washington neighborhood, where gardens are dotted with pro-Biden signs, they can’t be the only ones feeling relieved. The blunders, which have marked the career of the Democrat, have been avoided and fears about the intellectual liveliness of the 77-year-old man have been swept aside.

But, overall, Tom and Susan’s verdict is harsh: “We have never seen a presidential debate of this level”, launch together the two septuagenarians, stunned by “The lack of politeness, civility, reasonable arguments”. “Trump has just shown what he has been criticized for four years: he has been mean, a liar and manipulative, trying to take on the role of the alpha male”, Tom insists, uncompromisingly.

“We feel ripped off”

From the first minutes of the debate, the couple took offense at the “Lies” of the US president, then laughs at his delaying responses about paying his taxes. A survey of New York Times revealed on Sunday, September 27, that Mr. Trump paid only $ 750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017. “As of today, we spent forty-five minutes on the phone with the tax department to sort out a problem. We pay 36 times more taxes than the president and we feel ripped off by his frauds. “ The Dichters are convinced that this tax business will leave its mark on “real people.”

Annoyed by the hubbub on the set, Susan applauds when the moderator, Chris Wallace, manages, by dint of interruptions and clarifications, to ask a specific question on health insurance, climate change or the violence of the supremacists . But the answers leave them a little hungry. Like many Americans, the Dichters would have liked specific commitments on health coverage, the management of the Covid-19 pandemic or the electoral system. They were entitled to statements that were sometimes difficult to discern under the invectives and interruptions.

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