Successor for Google Plus: Currents comes in July for all G Suite users

Google Currents was already in beta and is a social area for the G Suite that is less reminiscent of Facebook but more like Slack or Twitter.

Starting July 6th, Google Currents will be rolled out comprehensively for all G Suite users. Google announced this to administrators of the G Suite in an email, as The Verge reports. After the end of Google Plus – initially for private users – Currents was sent to the beta phase in spring 2019. Now the Google Plus replacement should enable all users of the G Suite to have a smooth exchange within companies or organizations and offer a contemporary discussion platform.

What does Google Currents offer?

There are still some enterprise users of the Enterprise version of Google Plus to this day. This area has not yet been completely deactivated. From the coming month, however, the users will all be transferred to Google Currents. And converted existing links from Google Plus into Currents URLs. But what exactly does Google Currents offer its business users?

The Currents interface provides a stream, the contents of which can be ordered chronologically or according to relevance. This is reminiscent of Twitter both in this respect and visually.

The view of the Google Currents Stream (the click on the picture brings you to a larger view), © Google

In this stream, users, e.g. all employees of a company or a special internal group, can share links, images, texts, surveys or content from Google Drive accounts. Individual posts can be tagged and provided with additional content and analytics for the post can be viewed. In addition, executive posts can be prioritized so that they are easily visible to the entire G Suite community of the company.

Highlighted post at Currents, © Google
Highlighted post at Currents (click on the picture will bring you to a larger view), © Google

It is also possible for administrators of the currents area to communicate with individual users in personalized streams or to track the commitment of this platform. These administrators also have additional moderation options.

The benefits of currents for G Suite users

The official blog post from April 2019 says about Google Currents:

Currents makes it easy to have meaningful discussions by enabling leaders and employees to exchange ideas across the organization and gather valuable feedback and input from others – without flooding inboxes.

One advantage is that you can use a structured communication tool that facilitates the internal exchange independent of emails. This means that Currents is similar in function to Slack or Microsoft Teams. Google’s platform tags and streams should ensure that content and discussions can be found quickly. The content should ultimately be saved in currents and remain traceable.

Content can be searched using a specific hashtag, © Google
Content can be searched with a certain hashtag (the click on the picture brings you to a larger view), © Google

While Google Plus was discontinued because according to Google, it was used too little, the company should hope for more success from currents. After all, the platform is being rolled out comprehensively at a time when many organizations and companies are facing remote work. Accordingly, they need digital tools to be able to handle internal communication as simply and quickly as possible. Google already responded in April with a major update for the Meet conference service, which received an optimized layout à la zoom and the option of access via Gmail. From July 6th, all G Suite users can use Currents to initiate internal corporate communication shaped by social media.

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