Students abandon accelerated beneficiary attendant training

Full-time employment as a CHSLD beneficiary attendant, a salary of $ 49,000 per year with benefits and a pension fund. A gold offer from the Legault government? A mirage, say angry students who take accelerated attendant training. The CISSS de Laval, which hired them, cannot guarantee them a full-time schedule.

For Vanessa Tilnéus, it’s a dream that turns into a nightmare. She was delighted Monday to be part of the first cohort of students from the Skills-2000 training center, located in Laval. She has been disillusioned since. “I am shocked and very disappointed,” she said. The government promised us full time and a salary of $ 49,000. What the CISSS de Laval promises us is 6 fortnight and every other weekend. “

And again, she said. “When we finish training, we’re going to be on a recall list,” she said. We have been told that there are currently around 100 people on this list. “

Vanessa Tilnéus, 26, has two children. She is single parent. “I can’t afford not to have a cash flow. “

In the classes at the Skills 2000 training center in Laval, many people are disappointed, reports the Duty students.

Quebec requires that students, who receive a scholarship of $ 760 per week during their training, agree to work for one year in CHSLD.

“We will have to be available for one year, on call, for the CISSS de Laval,” says Jacinthe Sabourin, who lost her job as dental secretary during the pandemic. We will not be allowed to go to work elsewhere. However, she laments, the employer cannot guarantee that she will work 37.5 hours per week.

Simon decided to give up, with regret. They wanted to take care of those he nicknamed “our builders”. “Yes, we want to help our seniors with all our heart, but not at the expense of our own mental health! he says. Personally, I cannot spend my time waiting day, evening, night for someone to call me. I have things to pay. It’s really disrespectful. “

Simon had quit his job as a cook in a restaurant in order to follow this training. His employer agreed to re-hire him on Tuesday.

Students drop out

According to the Laval CISSS, 15 students, out of the 305 hired, have so far dropped out for this reason.

The CISSS now wants to reassure students at all costs. Even if it does not offer a full-time guarantee. “People who want to work full time, there is no problem,” says Julie Lamarche, director of human resources, communications and legal affairs. It will be possible. There is work in CHSLD. “

Julie Lamarche explains that under the collective agreement, call-in attendants – the status of students at the end of their training – are required to offer availability of six days per two-week cycle. “But we invite students to give availability for full time,” she says. The full-time need is there. “

More than 130 positions for beneficiary CHSLDs will soon be available in Laval, says the CISSS. “In 2021, we will open a 6e accommodation center on our territory, “adds Julie Lamarche.

Will the positions be sufficient for the 305 graduates? Are not a hundred beneficiary attendants already on a recall list? “All of the employees on the accommodation recall list have had the opportunity to apply for positions,” replies Julie Lamarche. Those who remained on the recall list are more by choice. “

Minister Blais reacts

Asked about this during a press conference, the Minister responsible for Seniors and Caregivers, Marguerite Blais, insisted that students in the accelerated training of attendant will have full-time positions.

“We are looking for full time,” she said, adding that she had not yet spoken to the CEO of CISSS de Laval. 10,000 people are missing and 10,000 people were sick during the pandemic. “

Minister Marguerite Blais added that Prime Minister François Legault “made a firm commitment” so that students receive a salary of $ 49,000 a year.

Several students at the training in Laval doubted the promised salary of $ 26 an hour, after receiving imprecise information from the CISSS on this subject.

The basic salary for a beneficiary attendant is $ 20.55 an hour in Quebec. With premiums, including that of COVID-19, it reaches $ 26.

Vanessa Tilnéus believes that the Legault government must clear up everything. “If there is no clarification, I will have to give up,” she said.

However, she dreams of becoming a beneficiary attendant, a job she has wanted to practice for a long time.

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