Strong through the crisis with optimal reputation and social media management

Companies should always optimize their “digital entrance door” to address potential users and customers – not only in times of crisis. Reputation and social media management help with expertise. [Anzeige]

How can companies stand out in the digital space today – especially in times of crisis? The most important factor is the presentation on various digital channels. This includes social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn. It is also essential to display them on your own website and via Google My Business. An excellent reputation and social media management can help ensure that your company is exactly what a user decides with a clear conscience after doing digital research.

Social media management as a must: The “digital entrance door” must always be up to date

In today’s fast-moving digital space, users always have to be kept up to date with developments in a company – which may also be represented locally. To do this, all relevant channels must be recorded on. Above all, Google My Business and Facebook as well as Instagram. However, LinkedIn and, depending on the target group, platforms such as YouTube and Co. also need constant updates. However, it should never be forgotten to keep your own website in a state that, when clicked on, gives every user the impression that they have reached a competent contact person for their needs.

Update yours
Update your “digital entrance door” (a click on the picture will bring you to a larger view), ©

Companies and brands can underpin exactly this impression with an omni-channel strategy. In the webinar “Strengthened from the crisis with online reputation and social media management”, which is exclusively available to readers, the customer experience management company impressively illustrates how the integration of reputation optimization and social media Management companies gain an advantage in digital competition.

Social media platforms are the ideal PR platform for prominently and purposefully sharing the values ​​of your brand, news about services and products and, above all, company updates – be it on Corona or company developments. Therefore, holistic and professional social media management is essential for every brand, for every company that moves with the times.

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Watch the entire webinar at and find out why and how happy customers generate better online perception online and ultimately lead to more customers and more sales.

Reviews and the customer journey: Always optimize your Google presence

When people search for brands and companies online, sooner or later the path leads to Google. Reviews there are a huge factor for the further customer journey and the local ranking. And often the entire customer journey, at least for local companies, lies in the Google cosmos.

Google “owns” the customer journey (at local companies), ©

That is why it is so important for brands and companies to always keep an eye on the ratings on Google’s platforms, but also on other popular sites, and to ensure that this flagship is optimized.

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If you receive various tips for your social media and reputation management and would like to familiarize yourself with the best possible monitoring of your relevant channels, then take a look at the white papers or watch the webinar on this always current and important business aspect on. Because an improved reputation can lead to clearly measurable sales increases, as the video shows.

Meanwhile, modern and target group-oriented social media management ensures that your brand is remembered by users. In this way, brands and companies become a point of contact in the digital jungle full of providers. Take the chance to stand out and watch the webinar of the experts for online reputation management directly.

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