Streaming portals in the SEO ranking: the rankings of Netflix and Co. are so surprising

Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney +: Streaming portals are popular. But can they also convince in the SEO check? This is exactly what Searchmetrics tested. The results are more than astonishing.

It’s no secret that streaming platforms are often ahead when it comes to entertainment these days. What is less known, however, is which of the portals perform best in search queries for films and series. In order to clarify this question, Searchmetrics carried out an SEO check in the middle of September and evaluated the top 10 search results on Google for more than 1,000 keywords. They came to some surprising results. We have summarized the most important findings below.

The selection of the relevant keywords includes three different areas: For the category “film”, the 50 most successful films, measured by the box office results, were searched. Of course, series could not be missing from the SEO check either – the 50 most popular were evaluated here, including, for example, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. The searches for the various films and series were entered in ten different common formulations. The third area is general search queries such as “streaming services” or “watching series online”. After entering the keywords in the Google search bar, an evaluation was made of which platform appeared in the top 10 search results and how often. Illegal platforms were not taken into account.

Surprise: the information portals are ahead of the streaming providersn

Anyone who thinks that they will find Netflix and Co. at the top of the ranking is surprisingly wrong. There are three streaming information portals on the podium: with ten percent in first place, with 8.4 percent in second place, and with 7.7 percent in third place. and are among those information portals where users can find detailed reviews, ratings and information about film and actors., on the other hand, offers users an overview of which films and series are available on which platforms. It is astonishing that the film and series database IMDb is not represented in the ranking at all. But a look at the visibility of the platform provides information: It has long been on the decline.

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Amazon Prime beats Netflix, YouTube and Disney

When it comes to placing the video-on-demand portals, Amazon Prime Video has the lead, with a share of 4.4 percent of the top 10 search results. YouTube is directly behind Amazon with four percent. Surprisingly, Netflix is ​​well behind, and only secured ninth place with 2.4 percent. Disney’s position in the ranking is even more disappointing. The popular portal lands in 22nd place with 0.8 percent, probably also due to the relatively limited offer on the platform.

The bottom of the ranking: TV media libraries

It is hardly surprising that the TV media libraries could not keep up with the streaming services and information portals in terms of search results. Only ProSieben made it to 13th place with a market share of 1.5 percent. Sixx (18th place), TV NOW (23rd place) and Sat.1 (25th place) were well behind.

In order to get an even more precise picture of the search results, Searchmetrics has again evaluated the various keywords in detail according to the various categories (“General”, “Film”, “Series”) and documented the ten most common platforms. You can see the results below.

1. “General” category: YouTube ranked first one

In the “General” category, general phrases such as “watch films online” were searched for instead of specific films or series. Most of the top 10 rankings in this category are posted by YouTube with a full 14.6 percent. The TV media libraries also score slightly better in this sub-category than in the overall ranking: with TV NOW and Tele5, two of them ended up in the top 10.

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2. “Film” category: Here too, the information portals win

As in the category-independent ranking, the information portals are clearly ahead under the heading “Film” – again, and, which together make up around a third of the top 10 search results.

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3. Category “Series”: Here Netflix beats Amazon

The information portals can also secure the top places in the ranking for series. But there is one important difference to the “film” category: While Netflix did not make it into the top 10 for films, the video-on-domain portal is even just ahead of Amazon Prime Video for series.

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Probably the most amazing result of the SEO ranking is the consistently good performance of the information portals. These seem to score points with detailed information on films and series and their availability. The top five of the entire ranking are,,, and, which together make up 38 percent of the search results.

In addition, the video-on-demand portals are mostly ahead of the TV media libraries in the ranking, which may also be due to the difficulty for TV broadcasters to refinance streaming rights in addition to TV broadcasting. When it comes to VoD platforms, Amazon Prime Video almost always surprises with a higher position than Netflix.

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