Silent Hill invites himself in Dead by Daylight

Four years after its launch, the universe of Dead by Daylight continues to grow. This week, the Montreal game is about to welcome into its ranks a new antagonist: Pyramid Head, emblematic character of the saga silent Hill.

The executioner of silent Hill in the universe of Dead by Daylight ? Here’s one that no one had seen coming. In the days, if not weeks, before the announcement, fan theories were all over the place, with everyone struggling to guess the identity of the new guest antagonist in Montreal’s video game. The bets were officially open, the most popular bets leaning on the side of three bogeymen of the seventh art: Pennywise, Pinhead and Candyman.

In short, the fans went wrong. And the team at Montreal studio Behavior Interactive is very proud of it. Because in the internet age, it’s getting harder and harder to fool fans.

“We are really happy to have surprised people. It’s very difficult to keep such a secret for several months. We’ve been working on silent Hill and in our industry there are so many traps that can lead to information leaks, “said Dave Richard, creative director, minutes after the official announcement.

But what is Dead by Daylight ? It is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game created from scratch by Montreal studio Behavior Interactive. Players can choose their clan (killer or survivor) to play cat and mouse in gloomy and threatening environments from which potential victims must escape.

The game has since reached more than 23 million players worldwide since its release in June 2016.

Horror icons

Pyramid Head

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Pyramid Head

Mythical character in the world of video games if there is one, the Executioner (called by his original name, Pyramid Head, or The Executioner by English speakers) is whirling into consoles – then nightmares – millions of players in 2001 with Silent Hill 2. He has since made the jump to the big screen, appearing in the film adaptation of the saga.

For his arrival in the universe of Dead by Daylight, he will be accompanied by a new survivor, also from the intrigue of silent Hill : Cheryl Mason. The update, available starting Tuesday, will also allow players to explore a whole new place, as familiar as these two characters, that of Midwich Elementary School.

The Executioner will thus follow in the footsteps of the legends of horror Michael Myers, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Ghostface and other Ash Williams, all invited to the stable Dead by Daylight since its launch. Since then, they have evolved alongside original characters, from the imagination of the Behavior Interactive team.

Who will be next ?

But now that all these famous murderers have all accepted the studio’s invitation, who will be next to imitate them?

Game director Mathieu Côté admits that the pool of horror legends has started to shrink considerably since Dead by Daylight recruited the biggest pieces. But fans can rest assured: there is no question of the game stopping its growth.

“At the moment, there are five or six names that are still in our sights. That can give us another three or four years of material, because we are still developing original content. Otherwise, we can easily continue for 10 years with our own characters, ”he says.

Same story from Dave Richard who, for his part, intends to continue “a long time” to add chapters to Dead by Daylight.

“As long as it works well and our players continue to have fun in this universe, I don’t see any reason to stop. For the moment, I see no end, “he concludes.

The chapter silent Hill will be available to players from Dead by Daylight starting Tuesday.

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