Show off loud and clear, in full color

Over the past ten years, Quebec author Simon Boulerice has toured Quebec to visit many classrooms and schools. Anyone who once dreamed of being a teacher can, in their own way, help each young person to get to know each other. Touched by his many encounters, the writer presents his 14 darling students, invented students, but as inspiring as the real young crusaders during his visits to schools.

It seems like a very funny initial idea behind the creation of this album, but wow, what a sublime result! Behind each of these 14 children to color (note: this is not a real coloring book, but those who suddenly feel an artistic soul are invited to let go), the reader will find a charming little one story about his personality, a description of what makes that person unique.

To each person their own small (or large) universe

Because that’s the real beauty of this album: it tends to celebrate childhood and all its vulnerability and freedom, yes, but also uniqueness. These 14 young people are turned on, beautiful and atypical and they are not afraid to take responsibility, to express loudly who they are. For example, in “Monsieur Simon’s class”, there is a Cambodian woman attached as much to her country of origin as to her host land, a young athlete as fast as lightning who has only one arms, Fred who sometimes feels like a boy and at other times feels like a girl, or even Edmond whose incredible voice can crack glass. It is a beautiful, diverse and open class that any reader will be instantly charmed to discover. Young people who demonstrate the importance of always remaining authentic and showing off without compromise. All presented in the form of entertaining poetic legends. And what about the magnificent illustrations? Real works of art! This album (whose release this year marks the 10th anniversary of Éditions Fonfon, their first book having been published in 2010) is a real gem.

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The dragouilles at school

As long as talking about 10e anniversary, the dragouilles also blow out ten candles! During this decade, 325,000 copies of the dragon universe were sold and this universe is quite varied: 22 books devoted to the exploration of cities across the world – and when little horned beasts like the dragouilles travel, it promises to be funny in please – but also in comics and activity books. And here they are with this special back to school issue that is simply brilliant. Lots of humor on the program (the dragouilles would especially like to be able to take a jokes and tricks class at school)!

Pauline: a little place for me

We often hear it said that the middle child in a family feels a little lost, caught in the middle. Then, the youngest one often has the impression that the older ones don’t want to play with him. But what about the eldest in the family? This charming tale features Pauline, the eldest of a family of three – soon to be four – children who vainly seeks her place in an overflowing house. What if she created her own little place in a secluded corner, out of sight? The kind of cute story that feels good to the soul!

Alessandro the Little

The power is in the little ones! This is the surprising motto of the Little Kingdom. The people of the Small Kingdom believe that short people are smarter than tall people. They believe in it so much that they elected Alessandro, the smallest of the common people, as king. However, King Alessandro is not a particularly nice character … To enter into his good graces, one must make sure not to displease him and, thus, never offer him asparagus or leeks! Then, one day, Alessandro the Little learns that a newborn baby is smaller than him. It’s a catastrophe ! A short (or small) funny story.

The rock star and his classmates

Another album under the sign of back to school. Meet Penelope Rex. Like many children, Penelope enjoys reading and drawing, but what she loves most of all is rock’n’roll. She is very lucky, because her teacher announces a talent competition that will allow her to share her passion for music with her classmates. But Pénélope is very fearful, she feels different and not up to the task. Oh yes, let’s not overlook an important detail about Pénélope: she is the only T. rex in her class! Nice story about friendship.

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