Should Timo Werner switch to Chelsea? “A fatal mistake”

The best German top scorer in the Bundesliga wants to go – to Chelsea. But is that really the right step for Timo Werner?

The fuss about Timo Werner around the 1-1 against Paderborn became too much for the national team. He went to the diving center, did not give interviews. His teammates and those responsible for the club also kept a low profile. It has long been clear to everyone: Timo Werner will leave RB Leipzig in the summer and move to the Premier League. To Chelsea FC, as various media in England and Germany have reported.

“He didn’t tell me anything, but he doesn’t have to. I don’t think anything is dry yet,” said coach Julian Nagelsmann at Sky about the future of the best German striker. The coach later admitted that players with an exit clause must always count on the departure: “This is the case with Timo and with three or four other players from us.”

Werner zu Chelsea – that sounds like an exciting transfer, but also leads to the question of what the 24-year-old wants at Stamford Bridge. Werner had been associated with all top European clubs in the past two years, from Liverpool to Bavaria to Real Madrid. The Londoners are rather poor compared to these clubs, currently only rank fourth in the Premier League and are in the Champions League before beating Bayern in the round of 16.

Is Chelsea FC the right club for Timo Werner?

Florian Wichert

Deputy Editor in Chief


Yes, with Chelsea Werner can win titles

Chelsea is not Real Madrid, Bayern or Liverpool. And that is precisely why this club is the perfect address for Timo Werner. It’s not enough for the absolute top clubs in Europe. If they were completely convinced of Werner, they would have committed him long ago. Stay with Leipzig? Not a real option either, Werner wants to take the next step.

With Chelsea, however, Werner can win titles. The ambitious club has won everything in the last 10 years alone: ​​twice the championship, three times the cup, twice the Europa League, even the Champions League. And he wants to attack again after a transition year.

Werner fulfills his dream of the Premier League, where he can play off his speed and the move to the goal. At Liverpool or Manchester City the bank would have threatened, at Chelsea Werner will be the new fixed point on the offensive after the change. With Tammy Abraham (1.91 meters) he could complement each other as well as in Leipzig with Yussuf Poulsen (1.93 meters). Tempo football is made for Werner.

The most important? Is the coach’s 100% trust – and he has it. Chelsea legend Frank Lampard last called Werner almost every day to convince him. Werner will thank him with goals.

Robert Hiersemann

Head of football and sports


No, Werner chose the wrong club

At 24, Timo Werner already scored 88 Bundesliga goals and prepared 42 goals. No question: The lightning-fast attacker is one of the best offensive players in the Bundesliga. But he doesn’t do himself a favor by moving to Chelsea. Because it is the wrong club to develop further.

The “blues” from London are a category among top clubs such as Liverpool or Bayern Munich. So Werner will not train at an absolute top level in the future either. And much worse: It is not even clear that he will play in the Champions League next season. Chelsea FC is fourth in the league. Sixth place is only five points ahead.

What is more: the “blues” are lavishly filled on the offensive. Who knows whether Werner always plays at all? He currently has strong competition with Giroud, Hudson-Odoi, Willian, Batshuayi and Abraham.

In summary: If things go badly, the German international will play for an ambitious Category B club in the Euro League next season, who is chasing after Liverpool and Man City – and yet he would have to fear for his regular place.

And that would bring Werner nothing in his development – on the contrary. Switching to Chelsea would therefore be a fatal mistake.

Who is right?

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