Sensation in Paris! 19-year-old wins the French Open

Iga Swiatek is the surprise of this year’s French Open. The teenager marched through the tournament in a rush – and sensationally won the title in the final.

The 19-year-old Polish Iga Swiatek sensationally won the French Open and celebrated her first Grand Slam title. Swiatek, who entered the tournament as number 54 in the world, defeated the Australian Open winner Sofia Kenin (USA) 6: 4, 6: 1 in the final on Saturday and was crowned the first Polish Grand Slam champion in singles. At the same time, she is the youngest French Open winner since Monica Seles in 1992.

With the triumph of Roland Garros, Swiatek, who became the first player since Belgian Justine Henin in 2007 to remain without a set loss in the entire tournament, won 1.6 million euros in prize money and climbed to 17th place in the world rankings. Defending champion Ashleigh Barty (Australia) did not appear in Paris that year.

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Sentence 2:

6: 4. 6: 1 – And that’s it, the sensation is perfect. Iga Swiatek has the first match point after 83 minutes, uses it and sensationally wins the French Open.

6: 4. 5: 1 – Kenin is now off the roll and also loses her own service game to zero. Now things can go very quickly.

Visibly touched after the final defeat: The defeated American Sofia Kenin. (Source: Reuters / Sensation in the final)Visibly touched after the final defeat: The defeated American Sofia Kenin. (Source: Sensation in the final / Reuters)

6: 4. 4: 1 – This is now very big tennis from the Polish woman. She plays variable, with spin and hits her first ace. This is reminiscent of the beginning of the first set. Swiatek brings their service game to zero. Everything speaks for Swiatek at the moment.

6: 4. 3: 1 – Kenin is back – but the break wasn’t good for her. At 14:40 she again slams a backhand sideways out of the way – Swiatek is one break ahead.

6: 4. 2: 1 – The game is temporarily suspended. Sofia Kenin has taken a so-called “medical time-out” and is receiving treatment. Swiatek has meanwhile put on her jacket and is training her serve. We are waiting.

6: 4. 2: 1 – The constant cracking is over. Because the native of Warsaw serves well and does not let her opponent get into the rallies. Can Kenin hold her serve for her part?

6: 4. 1: 1 – With class. Because the break festival of the first movement continues. Kenin makes her second double fault and has two breakballs against him. Swiatek used the second with a fantastic backhand and equalized. 1: 1.

6: 4. 0: 1 – And that starts badly for the Polish woman. Kenin returns Swiatek’s serve well before the baseline – and takes the lead for the first time in this game. How does the 19-year-old react?

6: 4. 0-0 – The second movement begins. Since Swiatek got the break at the end of the first set, she is allowed to serve first.

Sentence 1:

6: 4 – Can a player keep her service game this time? No! Because Swiatek returns great, earns two breakballs to win the set and takes the first set because Kenin puts her backhand sideways out of bounds.

5: 4 – Swiatek serves to win the set, gets into trouble at 15:30. The 19-year-old mastered the pressure situation and had the first set ball at 40:30, which she gave away. The following two points go to Kenin, who has breakball and uses it with a world class return.

5: 3 – Kenin has fully arrived in the match, distributed well and dominated the rallies. But the game goes four times over the debut. Kenin also makes her first double fault. Swiatek works out three breakballs. On the third, Kenin backhanded into the net. Break for Swiatek!

4: 3 – The game is picking up speed, the seventh service game of the first set is also the tightest and longest, going twice over debut. Kenin’s simple forehand is too long if Swiatek has an advantage. After three lost games, the Pole is back in the game.

3: 3 – The Pole is prone to mistakes and hits too many simple balls. Kenin serves well and can make up for it. The game of the two young stars is completely balanced now.

3: 2 – Swiatek has problems for the first time in his own service game and has two breakballs against him. at 15:40 the Pole makes a double mistake and gives up her game. Everything is back on track.

3: 2 – Swiatek has problems for the first time in his own service game and has two breakballs against him. at 15:40 the Polish woman makes a double mistake and gives up her game. Everything is back on track.

3: 1 – Now Kenin has also arrived in the game. The 21-year-old Kenin serves well, Swiatek takes a ball at 30:40 and loses her first game.

3: 0 – And go on. Swiatek dominates the game at will, Kenin has no access, the balls are flying around your ears. At 15:40, the American does not bring the ball over the net. 3-0 for Swiantek after just ten minutes.

2: 0 – Kenin has problems on her first service game. Swiatek immediately gets a break ball – and uses it. 2-0. Strong start for the Polish woman.

1: 0 – That was quick. Swiatek wins their first service game to 0.

0: 0 – It starts. Iga Swiatek is the first to serve.

3.10 p.m .: Both players have already entered the field and are playing well. It starts in a few minutes. An interruption in the rain is not to be feared. As of this year, the Center Court in Paris has a roof.

3:05 p.m .: The 19-year-old Polish Iga Swiatek meets the 21-year-old American Sofia Kenin. While it is a first for Siwatek in a Grand Slam final, Kenin was in the final of the Australian Open in February – and won it.

2.45 p.m .: Welcome to the women’s final. The final on the Philippe Chatrier will start in about half an hour.

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