Sebastian Vettel: Open for a second career as a team manager

( – Sebastian Vettel can well imagine running a motorsport racing team after his active career as a Grand Prix driver: “That depends,” he says in an interview with the Formula 1 Podcast ‘Beyond the Grid’. “I’m open to many things. Maybe.”

Sebastian Vettel and Britta Roeske

Sebastian Vettel with media supervisor Britta Roeske at the Nürburgring



“But it can also be that things will never go in that direction because I will find something else that I will fall in love with,” says the four-time world champion, leaving all options open. “Like Jody.” An allusion to Jody Scheckter, Ferrari world champion in 1979 and now a successful farmer with a focus on organic food.

“I’m not saying that I will do the same as him,” grins Vettel. “But ultimately, it’s about being happy and content with who you are. It’s easy to say – but very difficult to achieve.”

“Being happy” is the most important goal in life for him anyway, according to the 33-year-old in the philosophical interview with podcast host Tom Clarkson. “Sounds silly, but that’s how it is.” And what happiness could mean for him in the future, according to Vettel, he does not yet know today.

Vettel: “I’m financially independent”

He currently feels happy: “It is a great privilege that I have found something that fulfills me and what I love,” he says. “Let’s be honest: I’ve reached a point where I’m financially independent. That gives me the opportunity to try many things. My life is very privileged.”

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Even if life as a millionaire Formula 1 star has not only its sunny side, but also its dark side: “I’m not a big fan of fame,” says Vettel, for example. “It’s just inevitable. But I’m not dependent on it and I think it’s really cool when people don’t know who I am or what I do.”

The private citizen and the racing driver Vettel are two different personalities. At least the German has been trying for years to strictly separate his public from his private life. His wife hardly ever shows up at the race track, and there are no photos of his children on the boulevard. His privacy is sacred to Vettel.

No Formula 1 pictures on the wall at home

And just as he doesn’t take his private life with him to the racetrack, he doesn’t take the racetrack with him into his private life either: “When I come home, not much reminds me of racing. And that’s a good thing. There are no photos of me attached the wall. I never wanted that in my house. Our home is not about my racing, it’s about our family. “

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Which of course doesn’t mean that his life as a racing driver means nothing to him – on the contrary. It is known that his first World Cup trophy was on the kitchen table for a while so that he could admire it every day. And otherwise Vettel is someone who cannot easily part with memorabilia.

Giving away his trophies like Niki Lauda is out of the question for the Heppenheimer living in Switzerland: “I’m a collector,” he smiles. “I keep a lot because I think that one day it might be nice to have it. Small gifts from fans, letters, drawings. But after so many years that takes up a lot of space …”

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