Sebastian Vettel after departure in the home race: “That went in my pants!”

( – Eleventh place after 60 laps in the Eifel Grand Prix at the Nürburgring: Sebastian Vettel finishes his Formula 1 home race without points this year. On ‘ORF’ he said: “Of course I was hoping that we could dust off a bit more at the end, but I found it very difficult.”

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel flies off in a duel with Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi



His conclusion on ‘RTL’: “At the moment there is a bit of a worm in there, that’s true. I think there will be other times again.”

Vettel started the race from P11, and from the start it didn’t go according to plan for the four-time Formula 1 world champion. “The start, the first lap, that was actually okay. Then we lost a position to the Alfa Romeo and then we got stuck,” he explains.

Vettel wants too much in a duel with Giovinazzi

For ten laps, Vettel drove behind Antonio Giovinazzi without getting a real chance to overtake. “It was very, very difficult to overtake and very difficult to keep up,” he said. “I had to take a lot of risk, probably too much. That went bad.”

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel also brushed the gravel bed on the way back into the race



In fact, on lap eleven, Vettel tried a maneuver out of the home straight, before the tight corner 1. Result: Vettel misjudged, flew off, brushed the gravel and lost some positions. Shortly afterwards it was back in penultimate position, after an emergency stop for fresh tires.

What happened? “I don’t know exactly,” says Vettel and describes the situation from his point of view: “I actually only caught up at the very end of the straight [Giovinazzi] on. When I changed lanes behind him, I lost the car in its dirty air. But it was probably just too risky at the time. “

The race to catch up fails

“I was lucky to be able to continue, but the tires were braked.”

From then on, Vettel was only concerned with “saving what can be saved”, as he himself puts it. But Vettel could not save much. “I found it difficult to overtake cars even though I was faster,” said the Ferrari driver. He was anyway “the whole race in traffic”. “The car was very, very difficult to drive then.”

Nicholas Latifi, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Räikkönen, Daniil Kwjat

Practically the whole race in the crowd, but with blunt weapons



In the end, Vettel failed to finish in the top 10 by 0.775 seconds, again to Alfa Romeo driver Giovinazzi. “It’s a shame that we couldn’t get out more,” says Vettel. “I tried everything, but as I said it was very difficult today. It was definitely not a good race for us.”

Vettel: Not the first weak race …

On the other hand, it is “not the first race in which we get stuck somewhere”, emphasizes Vettel and adds to ‘Sky’: “We didn’t expect much and we didn’t see much on the track. Overall, we fell behind in the race and didn’t have the pace we wanted. “

For the seventh time, Vettel remained without World Championship points in eleven Formula 1 races in 2020 and is therefore still not in the top 10 of the drivers’ standings. His Ferrari teak colleague Charles Leclerc in turn achieved seventh place in the race from P4 and is eighth in the World Championship.

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