Sean Conley, Trump’s doctor who keeps the world on hold

He made himself known last May by announcing that he was administering hydroxychloroquine to Donald Trump as a prophylactic treatment against Covid-19. The Dr Sean Conley, the President’s doctor, said at the time: “After much discussion he and I had about the evidence for or against the use of hydroxychloroquine, we concluded that the benefit potential exceeded relative risks. At that time, the FDA, the drug agency, was warning against this anti-malaria treatment which not only has no impact on the virus, but can trigger all kinds of dangerous effects. health.

Since then, Sean Conley has remained in the shadows. The presidential doctor’s office is usually a behind-the-scenes job with little media exposure. But the news of Donald and Melania Trump’s positive test brought him abruptly to the fore. He announced to the whole world that the American president was being treated by an experimental treatment against Covid-19, synthetic antibodies. He said he injected him with a dose of the experimental cocktail developed by the biotechnology company Regeneron, which has given encouraging preliminary results in clinical trials on a small number of patients. Donald Trump received the maximum dose: 8 grams.

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He also indicated that Donald Trump was taking zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin and aspirin. As for his wife, Sean Conley said she was suffering from a “mild cough and headache”. But he did not give more details on Mr. Trump’s condition, beyond the fatigue experienced.

In the days to come, America – and the world – is going to be suspended from every one of its declarations.

A veteran doctor

Sean Conley is an osteopathic physician, veteran of the Navy. In 2014, he was part of the medical corps in Afghanistan and received a decoration from Romania for saving a Romanian soldier injured by a bomb. He was then director of research in the emergency medicine department of the Navy. In 2018, he was appointed to the White House, replacing Ronny Jackson, who had been mocked for his enthusiastic statements. This doctor had praised the “incredible genes” of Donald Trump, his “excellent” health, his “excellent” heart situation …

Sean Conley has remained much more discreet than his predecessor, at least until his release on hydroxychloroquine. He, of course, accompanied the president on his medical visits, including when he mysteriously and apparently rushed to Walter Reed Military Hospital near Washington in November 2019. Two days later, the Dr Conley issued a press release to silence the rumors. This visit was in fact part of the “regular” appointments to check his health throughout the year. It is an “interim check-up” which will be followed by “a more complete examination”.

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Faced with questions from the press, he must have argued. “Despite speculation, the president has not had chest pain or been examined or treated for an acute or urgent problem,” he summarized. “More specifically, he did not undergo any particular cardiac or neurological examinations. But in a recent book, the journalist from New York Times Michael Schmidt says Vice President Mike Pence had been warned that he had to be ready to assume power in case Donald Trump had to undergo anesthesia.

The announcement of the positive test raises many questions about the state of health of the president and his ability to govern. For now, the Dr Conley is reassuring: Donald Trump, he said, should “continue to perform his duties”. We still have to believe the good doctor, while the White House has a marked tendency to arrange the truth in its own way …

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