Schalke wants to end series of bankruptcies at BVB

157th Revier derby

Dortmund (dpa) – Despite the adverse signs of the Corona, the Revierderby remains one of the most important games of the year for rivals Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04.

In the 157th competitive match on Saturday (6.30 p.m. / Sky), coach Manuel Baum’s team wants to end the Bundesliga bankruptcy series of 20 games without a win and set a signal for a better future. Since only 300 spectators will be lost in the largest stadium in the republic due to the pandemic and no guest fans are allowed, the most explosive sporting game of the 5th match day lacks the usual tingling.

This time the opponents forego the cherished taunts and the usual swipes. Because both teams have enough to do with themselves before the duel. BVB are troubled by their fickleness and the weak start in the Champions League with the 1: 3 at Lazio Rome as well as an unwelcome goalkeeper discussion. And the Royal Blues have had so many construction sites for months that the new coach won’t be able to close them all so quickly.

20 games in a row without a sense of achievement in the form of three points speak for themselves. Nevertheless, the 41-year-old Baum always thinks positively and wants to transfer this basic attitude to his players. As he found out in many one-on-one conversations, the frustration series caused the unsettled staff to lose their fantasy of scoring goals themselves. But it rang abundantly in its own housing.

2:16 is the alarming goal balance after four season games, away there was an 8-0 at Bayern and a 4-0 in Leipzig. In the Geister guest appearance in the second half of the previous season, which took place a few months ago without spectators, BVB lost 4-0. Enough reasons that in Gelsenkirchen the fear of another slap is prevalent with the strong rivals.

Nevertheless, after the “little sense of achievement” at 1: 1 against Union Berlin, Baum spreads confidence. It is true that BVB has great individual quality. “But we also have a lot to offer. We definitely go there with the imagination to bring something with us,” said Baum before his first Revier derby, which he is particularly looking forward to. “So far I’ve only ever seen the derby on TV.”

The hope for the return of the injured Mark Uth and Suat Serder was dashed. Both creative players are not yet operational. “I think our plan against Dortmund doesn’t depend on one player. Of course there is a creative element missing in Uth. But I am in good spirits that we can compensate for his loss.”

Borussia, which lacks consistency, is anything but smooth. Gala appearances are sometimes followed by inexplicable setbacks. Michael Zorc therefore sees the professionals in the debt after the tired appearance in Rome. “We expect a reaction,” said the BVB sports director. Zorc sees a need for improvement especially in terms of fighting. He could not resist an ironic undertone at the press conference on Thursday. “In Rome, especially when we played against the ball, we kept the distance rule in an exemplary manner.”

The hope of Emre Can’s return to the BVB team was not fulfilled. The 26-year-old defensive player, who was not there due to a suspension in Rome, tested positive for the corona virus on Friday, as BVB announced. The national player is in domestic isolation. That makes the involvement of Manuel Akanji all the more important. In addition, there is a growing lack of understanding why Favre is currently so undecided on the Swiss goalkeeper question – Marwin Hitz or Roman Bürki.

If Zorc, as the most experienced derby player in history, has learned one thing, it is that previous duels are irrelevant. Often enough, the supposedly inferior team used the prestigious meeting for resurrection. And the team, which had previously been rated much higher, suddenly experienced a setback in the derby from which they did not recover for weeks.

Schalke’s licensed player coordinator Sascha Riether also pointed out the unpredictability of these neighborhood duels in an interview with RTL / ntv on Friday: “We know that such derbies are very special games. Anything can happen. It doesn’t matter what happened before or what happened not. It’s like cup games sometimes. “

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