Saliba should not stay at Arsenal

Under contract with Arsenal since July 2019, William Saliba is not part of Mikel Arteta’s plans in the short term.

William saliba, aged only 19, is one of France’s top hopes for central defender. However, Ligue 1 and its training club have failed to keep it, and theASSE let it slip away more than a year ago, against 30 million euros, on the side ofArsenal, before recovering it on loan in stride. The Greens had again tried, in vain, to be loaned their nugget before the end of the transfer window 2020 last Monday.

Direction the English D2

However, the Frenchman has not left to stay with the Gunners in 2020-21. According to Sky Sports, Saliba can already prepare his bags again, since a Championship loan (equivalent to Ligue 2) is under study, transfers are still authorized across the Channel, between formations and of the elite and its antechamber in particular.

Watford to continue to progress?

The Watford Hornets should be able to rely on the Canonnier in the days to come, and the ex-Stéphanois would then find the former French international Etienne Capoue, back in training after about six weeks of absence, between injury and a pending future, and who seems to have digested his abortive departure for FC Valencia.

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