Sala accident: A man indicted

Pilot Dave Henderson has been indicted by British justice.

A man was indicted as part of the investigation into the tragedy that claimed the life of Emiliano Sala in January 2019. Dave Henderson, the Welsh pilot who was chosen by Willie McKay (l intermediary who negotiated the transfer of Sala to the Premier League) to make the connection between Cardiff and Nantes.

For reasons still unknown, Henderson gave way to David Ibbotson, a much less experienced pilot. He was at the helm of the Piper Malibu when the plane crashed in the middle of the night in the sleeve. His body has never been found, unlike Sala’s.

“The British Civil Aviation Authority has brought charges against David Henderson for offenses related to the fatal light plane crash over the English Channel in January 2019”, explain the British authorities. Henderson is notably accused of having acted in a manner “Reckless or negligent”. He will appear in court in Cardiff at the end of October.

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