Ross Brawn: Different tires instead of inverted grid?

( – How can Formula 1 prevent the second race on the same racetrack from being a 1: 1 copy of the first? This question arises in the 2020 season because, due to the corona crisis, several grand prixes are being held at just one location, for example in Spielberg and Silverstone. Only boredom should not arise.

Red Bull mechanic with Pirelli tires

What could mix up the second race in one place: different tires



“We are currently talking about this,” says Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn. He sees “two factors” that could make the second weekend on a track a success or failure.

“First of all, we have to make sure that the teams are on the track for the entire weekend,” he explains. “We certainly don’t want a very quiet Friday just because the racing teams already have all the data they need.”

How will the second race be entertaining?

In addition, Brawn continued, Formula 1 had to do something to keep fans interested in watching the second race on the same track. Brawn said that it might take “a change.” “But something that the teams don’t see as a disruption to the balance of power.”

Such a “disruption” could, for example, have been the upside-down starting grid that was in the room as a possible measure for these second races, or a qualifying race. However, as is well known, Mercedes opposed this and that is why the idea is not implemented.

Brawn can understand this attitude, as he says. “I just wish [Toto Wolff] would have had a slightly broader perspective. But it wasn’t like that. “Instead, Wolff referred to his Silver Arrow team’s chance to win the title and explained that he just couldn’t risk it.

Now what Brawn comes to mind

So now Brawn is asked to make a new proposal. His approach: “Perhaps something can be done with tire compounds. We are currently looking to see whether something can be done with it – for example, by providing other types of tires.”

But Brawn emphasizes: “That is anything but certain. We are just playing with this idea. It is possible that it is nothing [Neues] gives. But if there is something to make the second race a bit more exciting, that would be a good thing. “

To take up the tire idea again: In Spielberg the tire types C2, C3 and C4 were recently nominated, i.e. the medium mixtures from the Pirelli range. Brawn’s approach could be to change the assignment for the second weekend and, for example, to offer harder or softer tires – or, for example, to skip an intermediate step and thus have larger distances between the tire types.

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