“Right behind me” by Lise Gardner: Oregon thriller

American Queen of suspense, author of many award-winning novels, Lisa Gardner offers a story of young serial killer who makes us see all the colors in her new book translated into French, Right behind me. This fast-paced manhunt takes place in the northwestern Oregon State Woods, and uses wilderness tracking technicians.

Telly Ray Nash is not yet an adult and has already killed someone. It was eight years ago. And it was to save the life of his sister Sharlah.

Since this difficult episode, Sharlah has been taken in by the family of a profile retired FBI Peter Quincy and his wife Rainie Conner. These loving and reassuring people have given Sharlah a home and a new start in life.

Their peaceful life in a small Oregon town will be turned upside down when two people are murdered in a town grocery store. Especially since it is the face of Telly Ray Nash who appears on surveillance cameras. And the list of murders is growing …

Lisa Gardner winks at one of her first suspicions by bringing back the character of Peter Quincy in this novel which is not part of the D.D. Warren series.

“My first thriller, Until death do us part, features a profile from the FBI, Peter Quincy. It is found in many of my books but I haven’t talked about it for a while. So many fans asked me about her news that I had the idea to write Right behind me“, She explains in an interview, from her residence in New Hampshire.

She wanted to explore the foster family system, and in particular what happens to children who grow older and cannot find foster care. And as a novelist, she also wanted to explore the psychology of the murderers, where the crime begins first at home or at work, then spreads in the community.

Old fashioned tracking

The talented novelist always builds a solid documentary base to establish her suspense. This time, his research fell on the side of the trackers, these professionals mastering “old-fashioned” techniques to find fugitives on the run in large wilderness.

“I read an article in SWAT Magazine who talked about the need for traditional trackers. The police are using new technology, infrared cameras, but there are several cases in rural areas and the technology is not working. ”

So she interviewed a specialist in the subject, now a teacher, to gather all the relevant information. “I learned so much! I realized how little I knew about the subject. He worked in northern New York State, helping me identify the issues my character Cal Noonan would face in the forests of Oregon. We worked with topographic maps, among others. ”

Ancestral techniques have been lost over the years. “It was amazing to find out how dangerous his job is. His services are usually called upon in the case of fugitives. Among other things, he tracked prisoners who had escaped from a New York state prison. “

Tribute to Oregon

The book takes place in the heart of the beautiful landscapes of Oregon, an American state that Lisa Gardner knows very well since she grew up there. “I describe the fictional town of Bakersville, but the locals will recognize the town of Tillamook, a small coastal town well known for its cheese.”

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