Republicans: More and more people are turning away from Trump’s pandemic policies

“Incredibly irresponsible”: Now more and more Republicans are turning away from Trump’s corona policy

After his corona infection, US President Donald Trump is back in the White House. In the USA, however, resistance against the rulers and his controversial corona policy is growing – not only on the part of the Democrats. Close confidants of the 74-year-old are also expressing increasing concern.

More than 7.6 million people in the US have already contracted the coronavirus. US President Donald Trump is one of them. While many struggle with the consequences of their illness, Trump is celebrating his recovery in front of the cameras, promising a vaccine soon, and downplaying the virus. Even though 38 people in the White House have already been infected.

Recently, House Chairwoman Nancy Pelosi said she would not go anywhere near the White House. “It is one of the most dangerous places in the country, both because of the attack on the truth and on health from there,” the Democrat told ABC television.

Republican McConnell has no faith in Trump’s hygiene concept

But now even Republicans are sounding the alarm. Mitch McConnell, Republican majority leader in the Senate, said he had not been to the White House for more than two months – although he is considered a close confidante and one of Trump’s most loyal supporters. The reports the US newspaper “Politico”. The reason: He has no confidence in Trump and his team’s hygiene concept.

McConnell was last at the White House on August 6, the report said. The Republican continued, “I got the impression that their approach to dealing with the virus was different from mine.” He insisted that everyone in the Senate wear a mask and adhere to the rules of distance. Apparently this was not the case.

Other Republicans are also turning their backs on Trump

McConnell isn’t the only Republican to turn his back on the US president. Martha McSally, interim Senator for the US state of Arizona, repeatedly evaded the question of whether she was proud to support Trump during a debate with her challenger Mark Kelly about the Senate seat. Instead, McSally said she was proud to fight for tax cuts for the people of Arizona.

Charlie Baker, also a Republican and governor of the US state of Massachusetts, described Trump’s corona policy as “incredibly irresponsible” according to a report by the “Boston Herald”. Baker was alluding to the fact that Trump had ignored the advice of health experts who had made it clear how contagious the virus is.

John Cornyn, Senator for the state of Texas, was more cautious but skeptical about the Houston Chronicle. Trump’s “vigilance” has decreased over the course of the pandemic. In addition, when the US had problems getting the pandemic under control, the US president created “confusion” with some statements. “It should be a lesson to all of us that we need to be more self-disciplined,” continued Cornyn.

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