Republicans: Filth campaign against “demented” Joe Biden is now bearing fruit

It’s actually going well for Joe Biden. In the past week, he has clearly gained in polls against Donald Trump. The lead in the average of all surveys has risen from 6.1 percentage points on September 29 to 8.5 percentage points.

Trump’s unsavory failures in the TV duel have harmed him as well as his irresponsible handling of the corona infection, including an election stroll in front of the hospital. With the betting providers, Biden’s lead has even quadrupled within a week.

Biden has big banks behind him

Biden also has important strategic successes. He has the overwhelming majority of the American media behind him, intellectual America anyway, and now Wall Street too. The financial industry has only donated $ 10.5 million to Trump so far, but almost five times as much for Biden, namely $ 51.1 million.

Even the big banks Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and Morgan Stanley, who fear Biden’s tax plans will be disadvantageous, have taken his side with clear donation signals.

Biden scores with important Catholics

And the Catholics of the USA, who were always an important indicator of sentiment in the past elections, are leaning towards the democratic challenger this time. Almost two thirds of Hispanics (mostly Catholic) want to vote for Biden.

The Catholics are considered particularly important because they have now become the largest religious community in the United States. And Biden is a Catholic himself – he could become the second Catholic President of the United States after John F. Kennedy.

Biden is a picture of an active old man

Nevertheless, there is still no confidence in victory in the Biden camp, not only because Trump is still expected to have all sorts of surprises. There is also an Achilles heel of one’s own candidate: age.

Biden will be 78 years old next month and repeatedly shows mental weaknesses during the election campaign. Verbal dropouts, slip of the tongue or mix-ups: When making public appearances, Biden sometimes gives the image of an active old man.

Trump team wants to present Biden as demented

The Trump campaign has been trying to portray him as insane for months. The permanent attacks in the TV duel should obviously serve above all to expose Biden’s lack of concentration and to get him off the role.

The Trump campaign produced several videos that denigrate Biden as allegedly demented. When asked what Biden’s greatest strength is, Trump said, “Well, I would have said experience, but he doesn’t really have experience because I don’t think he remembers what he did yesterday.”

Trump calls Biden “Sleepy Joe”

Trump – who is already 74 years old himself – claims that Biden is simply no longer mentally able to be President of the United States. Again and again he mocks his opponent in the fight for the highest office as “Sleepy Joe”.

Trump’s friend and attorney Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, announced on Fox News: “Biden has dementia. There is no doubt about that. “

There is no evidence for these claims, but this election campaign spin is still successful: Google search queries about Biden’s alleged dementia regularly achieve high values ​​with every bugger.

In fact, the American public knows Joe Biden from the past as a quick-witted speaker. That is exactly his problem. “Trump has a limited vocabulary, but he keeps talking,” says US political scientist Paul Sracic.

“Hidin’ Biden “no longer works

“And whatever people say about his mental abilities, between the 1980s or 90s and now there hasn’t been a major decline. That seems to be different with Biden. ” You could also say: With Biden, the height of fall is greater.

The Biden camp takes the problem very seriously. Campaign managers, of course, are unsure how best to deal with growing concerns. For a long time, the main line of defense was: ignoring, keeping quiet and hoping that Trump would harm himself.

The corona lockdown and Biden’s immersion for weeks helped with this strategy. In this way he could avoid delicate public missteps. But now in the hot phase of the election campaign, the candidate has to show himself. “Hidin’ Biden ”(hide Biden) no longer works.

Biden called himself a “faux pas machine”

And so Biden now reacts with a changing attitude. Once he fends off the sensitive topic offensively and asks on television “Why the hell should I take a cognitive test?”, You could ask moderators about a drug test.

Another time he tries humor and describes himself as a “faux pas machine” – a title he has worked hard for during his years as Barack Obama’s Vice President.

His former boss has a very special judgment about Biden. In the summer he is reported to have said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to screw up.”

More about the US election campaign Trump against Biden

Just three days after being admitted to the Walter Reed Military Hospital, Trump is back at the White House. In doing so, he is taking a high risk. Because the US president has not yet survived the infection – and is also still contagious.

Where did he get infected? When was it tested? And since when has the US president known of his positive result? Everything we know so far about Donald Trump’s corona infection.

His condition was more serious than initially presented – but US President Trump does not like to show weakness. After several video messages, the corona patient is now even outside the hospital. Dealing with his illness raises questions – and fits into the picture of his politics.

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