Relegation to the 2nd league: Nuremberg wants to give “last fiber”

Relegation to the 2nd league

Nuremberg / Ingolstadt (dpa) – Before the two most important games in the club’s recent history, one fevered with 1. FC Nürnberg even in distant South America.

“I am sure that you will do that. Let’s go, club! I keep my fingers crossed from Argentina,” said FCN legend Javier Pinola in a greeting and stroked the club colors black and red on his face with his fingers.

The old defender played in Franconia for ten years. Pinola won the DFB Cup with the FCN in 2007 and was in two relegation
Success in doing so. In such a difficult situation, however, he did not yet see the “club”.

In the fight against the unchecked crash from the first to the third division, the Nuremberg team hope for every conceivable support, even if it is moral. In the relegation against FC Ingolstadt, a different “club” should be seen in the first leg on Tuesday (6.15 pm / ZDF) than in the previous bankruptcy season. “We have to sacrifice ourselves for the other,” said interim coach Michael Wiesinger on BR television. He promised to give everything for a happy ending, “the last fiber that I have available in the body”.

The balance sheet speaks for Ingolstadt. In eleven duels to date, the third division team has prevailed eight times over the second division team. This is what the FCI is betting on, who could hope for a direct promotion on the last third division matchday, but was eventually pushed out by the Würzburg kickers. FCI coach Tomas Oral believes in success. “I’m looking forward to the battle,” he said.

The Ingolstadt trainer hopes that the nervousness and uncertainty of the nine-time champion from Nuremberg is so great that the decision is made. “The third division comes from a winning streak, has the flow, the team spirit is there, and the feeling of togetherness is stronger than with the second division, where things can go haywire,” said Oral. Last season he was relegated to Ingolstadt in the playoffs.

How to advance with the FCI in the relegation was shown just by Wiesinger as coach of the Schanzer in 2010. Therefore, the ex-professional believes that he knows the approach of the oral force, which, however, had almost a week less time to prepare. “You shouldn’t underestimate anything,” he warned. In addition, Wiesinger must try to clear the minds of the Nuremberg players to get “a positive mood”.

What else happens, Wiesinger experienced as a player. In 1996, the midfielder relegated with the FCN to what was then the regional league – it was the only time that the traditional club had been passed through to third-class. “It was a little longer ago, but I can remember the feelings and many things about how we handled it in the cabin back then,” said Wiesinger.

The pressure on the Nuremberg team is huge – it should not paralyze them. “As a team, you have to manage to see these games as a huge opportunity and definitely not as a burden that has to be dealt with now,” former goalkeeper Raphael Schäfer told the “Bild” newspaper. The keeper, like Pinola, was part of the 2007 Cup Winners’ Team. Now the FCN needs a similar effort.

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