Recognition of systemic racism divides Caquists

Voices are being raised within the Coalition d’avenir Québec to recognize the presence of systemic racism against Aboriginal people.

Because of its own history, the indigenous reality is different from that of ethnocultural minorities, state government sources at Duty.

The Action Group Against Racism (GACR) plans to recognize systemic racism against Indigenous people in its final report. If this is the case, he will first ask for the blessing of the head of government, François Legault. There is no question of forcing his hand, the group not being made up of “free electrons,” as one source put it.

For the time being, the consequences of recognizing systemic racism against Aboriginal people are of concern to elected officials. They fear that such a position will offend representatives of cultural communities.

Within the CAQ parliamentary group, some argue that the Indian Act is a blatant example of “state racism” against indigenous peoples. In contrast, the history of blacks in Quebec has nothing to do with that of blacks in the United States, insists a source familiar with the matter, not without recognizing the perils of “differentiation” between types of discrimination.

The elected members of the Liberal Party of Quebec and of Quebec solidaire recognize the presence of systemic racism in Quebec. The elected members of the Parti Québécois, for their part, await the election of a new leader on Friday before officially taking a position in the debate – which does not prevent elected officials from having their own opinion. MP Joël Arseneau has “no difficulty using the term.” Véronique Hivon «recognize him[t] “. Sylvain Gaudreault too. On the other hand, Pascal Bérubé “does not believe[t] not “. However, the “racist acts […] deserve to be fought, denounced, tried, condemned, “he said.

At a press briefing, the Prime Minister, François Legault, said “accepts[r] always [de] discuss ”the question of systemic racism within his political formation. He expressed his desire to “bring together” both groups for whom the existence of systemic racism in Quebec is not in doubt and those “who say:” Attention, me, I see it as an attack against the people. Quebec ”. He reiterated that the CAQ does not consider that there is systemic racism in Quebec.

“I also invite all other nations to work together on the follow-up to the Viens report. […] So let’s work on actions rather than waging a war of words, ”he then suggested, referring to the Viens report.

“Calls to action” followed?

The latter suggested a year ago the establishment of training aimed at “promoting the sensitivity, competence and cultural security” of “all executives, professionals and employees likely” to be in contact with the Aboriginals, such as the recommended the Viens report a year ago.

After a week of research, the Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones (SAA) could not tell the Duty how many of these training courses had been offered in the past year, or name the professionals who took advantage of them. The SAA ensures that actions in this direction “are already taken or in the process of being taken”.

Under the leadership of Member of Parliament Véronique Hivon, the National Assembly also asked the government on Wednesday to enshrine the principle of cultural security in the Act respecting health services and social services, jointly with the First Nations and Inuit, in accordance with the call to action of the Viens commission.

For example, the Lanaudière hospital center, where Joyce Echaquan died on September 28, already relies on the presence of a liaison and cultural security officer.

The CDPDJ “strongly concerned”

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