Read it before you tweet it – Twitter wants to educate users

In an attempt to stop the spread of disinformation, Twitter is now asking its users to read articles before reposting them.

Many users use the short message service Twitter to share their thoughts on certain articles. The article is often reposted with a comment. To enable better discussions on Twitter in this context, Twitter announced last Wednesday that it would roll out a new feature. Accordingly, users who have not previously read the article in the Twitter app are encouraged to open and read it before sharing.

The mechanism will initially be tested on Android users. If the user is in the test group, if he wants to retweet an article that he has not previously read in the Twitter app, he will be asked if he does not want to read the article before sharing. According to the Twitter support account, it should still be possible to share the post without reading it.

The Twitter users in the comments are not enthusiastic. While some say they aren’t toddlers and don’t have to be mothered like that, others wonder if there is a new monetization strategy behind it. However, Twitter rejects this.

The feature represents a further effort by Twitter to combat the spread of disinformation on the platform. Many tweets are provided with fact check labels, and even some tweets from the US President have been identified as misleading. With this, Twitter wants to ensure that not everything that can be found on the platform is accepted as true, but is also questioned. Basically a good concern. However, it could be that Twitter intervenes a little too far in the user behavior with the new request – at least based on the reactions in the comments.

Twitter Reactions Coming Soon?

Twitter is also continuing to work hard to give its users more ways to express their feelings. Reverse engineer Jane Wong discovered a test in which there are several emojis to choose from to respond to a tweet. Currently there is only the possibility to like a tweet. With the discovery, reactions such as a tearful emoji, an astonished emoji, a prohibition sign and so on were added.

No official information has yet been released on this feature. It is therefore not yet clear whether and when the Twitter reactions will be rolled out.

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