Reactions to the relegation game Heidenheim against Bremen

Heidenheim (dpa) – The 2: 2 (1: 0) after finally exciting 97 minutes is enough for Werder to stay in the class, Heidenheim missed after the 0: 0 in the relegation first leg promotion to the Bundesliga. The reactions:

Florian Kohfeldt (Werder Bremen coach):

“We will not change the schedule. We will sit down over the next few days and discuss what is best for Werder.

Keeping us in the league this disaster season was a huge feat. We’ll discuss that in the next few days.

We had an unbelievable number of injuries, well above average, so that was one of the main reasons for the season. We were written off very, very often this season. We got it week after week after week. That was already consuming.

I am very, very happy that we made it, also for the great employees in this club. We will discuss this over the next few days, but today we can celebrate.

I don’t know yet how long I will need vacation. We did it and that’s crucial.

There can be no “keep it up” and there will be no “keep it up”, that is perfectly clear. But now we have to be conceded before the analytical part begins: you have to consider what kind of pressure we were in.

I apologized to Claudio for not being able to bring him in his last game. I can no longer take off my hat and bow more deeply to Claudio Pizarro.

Then, no matter what happens, I will lie down on a beach where nobody knows me and let God be a good man.

I’m just happy and happy that we made it. We were dead so many times. Fuck season, good end. I know what it means for the city and what it means for the people.

It’s all bizarre. There is no spectator here, there is nobody here. We fight for existence and you fight in a bubble because you don’t see anyone. It seeps down more and more from minute to minute. We were so, dead so often this year. And we kept coming back. Any criticism is justified when it comes to football. I still refer to the injured. But character, mentality – Chapeau for the players, what they did. We’re in. “

Did Kevin Vogt make the difference? “I don’t give a shit. We are in it, I don’t give a shit how he played today. The game is definitely not going to be included in the analysis – now we can celebrate. Then we can discuss everything.”

to his personal regeneration plan: “See nothing, hear nothing, hand over your cell phone – enjoy.”

Frank Schmidt (1. FC Heidenheim coach):

“Everything was possible again today. Bremen took the lead, retreated and waited for a counterattack. Actually, we have to make it 1-1 after half-time. We had two good options. Logically, Werder played a lot of time, what is completely legitimate. Of course there is disappointment now, but we must not feel like a loser.

What we lacked compared to many games before was that we went a step further. The rest on the ball, the experience was missing.

The only thing that helps now is to tip yourself behind the bandage. Then it will be worse tomorrow, but we will get up again. “

Tim Kleindienst (1. FC Heidenheim): “Of course it is extremely bitter. We come back twice well, in the end there is no time. We played a great season. It should build up in the end. We can be proud. We still have something big. It reflects what we’ve done this season. “

Regarding Norman Theuerkauf’s own goal: “There is no question of the fact that things went stupidly for Theuer. But we don’t have to blame him. He doesn’t do it on purpose, nobody takes it off him.”

Davy Klaassen (Werder Bremer): “If you see what a season we had, how difficult it was from the beginning, it is a great relief. We should have made it clear earlier. We had a lot of chances we didn’t do that. “

zu Heidenheim: “It is a disappointment for them. But they can be proud.”

“It was a very long season. Everyone can use a little vacation now. I’ll have a few beers, but partying isn’t possible because of Corona.”

Marc Schnatterer (captain 1. FC Heidenheim): “We didn’t lose a game and still didn’t make it, that’s brutal.”

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