Ralf Schumacher: Vettel will like the atmosphere at Aston Martin

(Motorsport-Total.com) – It is obvious that things are no longer going for Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari. Racing Point is still convinced that the four-time world champion will flourish again next year. Ex-driver Ralf Schumacher also believes that the team change will work wonders for his compatriot.

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel: Will it get better for him next year?



“I am firmly convinced that we will see Sebastian in his old strength at Racing Point”, emphasizes Schumacher at ‘Sky.de’ and sees many reasons that speak for it: “The car suits him much better. It is from the Performance generally faster than the Ferrari, also much easier to drive. In addition, the balance suits Sebastian clearly. “

In addition, Vettel is the star again at Aston Martin and gets the feeling of being loved – just as he was once at Red Bull. At Ferrari, Charles Leclerc is considered the future, Vettel, on the other hand, was confronted with a fait accompli when he was expelled and no longer seems to feel really well. You can also tell from various statements on the radio that speak for tension.

Ralf: “Good feeling to be wanted”

He should feel the trust in his new team, however, says Schumacher: “They really wanted him. They invested large amounts of money for him. That is of course a good feeling to be wanted, especially in his current situation,” he says.

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The ingredients are definitely right for Schumacher: Aston Martin is a small team with all possibilities, you have the support of Mercedes, and Vettel gets his feel-good factor. “It will be an atmosphere for him from the start that he likes,” said the TV expert.

“I’m sure: his time is not over yet. He wants to and will show everyone again.”

Ricciardo: Vettel lives and breathes racing

His former team-mate Daniel Ricciardo also sees the move to Aston Martin positively and believes that the new environment will rekindle new passion in him. In addition, he also sees the German blooming again, which can only be beneficial for his new team.

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“Seb has always been very interested in the team itself and the technology. He is always willing to invest a lot of work. Racing is in the DNA of all of us, but he lives and breathes it,” said the Australian. “I feel that while we might go to bed with different thoughts, he has racing in his head. I am sure that he will give it his all.”

Therefore, the Renault driver also assumes that Vettel can be very successful again at Aston Martin. “The team seems to be in a good position and I think he will be a pretty big part of that.”

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