Ralf Schumacher about Williams: “Missed the jump a long time ago”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Ralf Schumacher drove for Williams Formula 1 between 1999 and 2004 and brought all six wins of his Grand Prix career for the traditional British team. A good 15 years later, he does not skimp on criticism of the Williams family, which in his opinion is largely responsible for the sporty and economic decline of the once successful racing team.

Ralf Schumacher and Peter Hardenacke

Ralf Schumacher thinks Williams should have given up long ago



“Neither Frank was able to continue the team in a modern sense, nor was his daughter. There is a lot to be found in the management style,” the 44-year-old analyzes in an interview with ‘Sky’. In his opinion, both of them should have cleared the way years ago and had to bring young staff into management: “In my view, Williams missed the jump a long time ago.”

“I saw it myself,” reports Schumacher. “Times have changed, people have changed.” Management “from above and with a lot of pressure, that was Frank’s system to work with” was no longer up to date. “There are a lot of young, graduated people now who are only in Formula One for a short time. They just can’t be dealt with like that.”

Schumacher: “Great opportunity” when new staff come

He rates the planned strategic realignment of the team as “a great opportunity if Frank and Claire retire 100 percent and a good investor comes. Because the team is great. If I had the money and the partners, I would do it immediately! The requirements that Williams has is perfect. It just needs to be dusted off. “

What is going to happen to Williams now?

The traditional Formula 1 team Williams is now available for (partial) sale. The editors of Motorsport Network discuss possible scenarios!

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“Fresh capital,” says Schumacher, is “very important” on the one hand, but not everything by far. He advocates a fresh start with new management personnel. After all, it wasn’t the first time that Williams was looking for help in the financial market. Toto Wolff has already invested in Williams, later the US entrepreneur Brad Hollinger, most recently Michael Latifi.

Latifi, whose son Nicholas drives for Williams Formula 1, is actually a shareholder at McLaren. However, in April it was announced that he borrowed Williams money. A total of $ 45 million went into the team for the transaction. How much of this Latifi Williams borrowed and how much the HSBC bank is beyond our knowledge.

Latifi, Stroll, Masepin & Co .: curse or blessing?

The historic Williams cars were offered to the businessman as security for the loan. If the team was unable to repay the money, the over 100 vehicles would change hands. It would be the sale of one of the most spectacular racing car collections of all time to a private individual.

In addition to Latifi, Schumacher also locates someone who might be able to help Williams: Dmitri Masepin is “in the starting blocks”, he believes, and is “once again significantly wealthier than both of them. He is also looking for a team and has it too so far all teams bought for his son, from Formula 3 onwards. “

The appearance of “billionaire dads” like Lawrence Stroll criticize many Formula 1 purists. Schumacher does not: “I can not criticize it. I am glad that there are people who appreciate and love our sport and are willing to invest so much money, be it for their children,” he said in an interview with ‘Sky’ .

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