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We may tend to think of board games as the business of Europeans and Americans, but there are some very talented and dedicated artisans here.

I’m talking about creation, illustration and editing. There are indeed several quality games that are designed and published in Quebec each year and it may go a little too unnoticed.

That’s why we’re going to tell you about games that are either designed or published here. Products 100% or partially “made in Quebec”.

And you will quickly see that we do not have to be ashamed of the quality offered elsewhere. The one that emanates from our creators has absolutely nothing to envy them.

Mia London and the case of the 625 thugs

  • 2 to 4 players
  • 5 years +
  • 10 minutes

It originates in French-speaking Europe, but is edited by the very dynamic Quebec company Scorpion masqué. This is an investigative game aimed at a slightly younger audience and proves to be a very fun introduction to board games.

We understand the audience well by offering games that last an average of ten minutes, so that the youngest do not lose track and interest.

So you have to help Mia London identify the scoundrel who committed a mischief, but there are 625 suspects. So no small task. You will have to exercise your sense of observation to reform the portrait of the rascal from the clues found.

It is therefore also an observation game since players will have to identify the accessories that belong to the culprit and which will be in a lower number in a pile of cards accessible to all. There are hats, glasses, mustaches and bow ties.

The players have in their possession an investigation notebook with movable pages which will allow them to reconstruct the appearance of the character they are looking for and once the game is over, everyone will reveal their culprit and a chief investigator will come out. from the game box the cards set aside for each prop. These are the missing cards. The player with the most correct answers wins.

It’s really simple, you can play several games quickly and the kids will want more.

Zombie Teenz Evolution

  • 2 to 4 players
  • 8 years +
  • 20 minutes

A nugget edited by Masked Scorpion which follows Zombie Kidz Evolution which had been very successful.

In this game, players work together to prevent zombies from invading their school and surrounding businesses.

Zombies can intervene at the start of either player’s turn on the roll of a dice. Then the player can do any two of the three possible actions in any order they want and can repeat the same action twice.

The object of the game is to return a cash register from each of the businesses located at the four corners of the game board to the school in the center.

You can move, knock out a zombie or even move a crate. There are choices to be made since the zombies can quickly become invasive in numbers, especially when they start to move since when they invade a place, we place a tile on which we find a trampoline design that allows them to jump. from place to place to reach one that has not yet been invaded. If all places are invaded, the game is lost.

The best part about this game is that as the title suggests, it is scalable. At first the concept seems redundant, but you keep track of its progress in a notebook by means of stickers and as you progress, you open envelopes that add new dimensions to the game with new characters and new ones. rules, among others.

We are therefore faced with a game that will be very different once we have looked around it, which will help maintain interest since children are always eager to open a new envelope.


  • 2 to 4 players
  • 10 years +
  • 30 to 60 minutes

This is a completely Quebec work created by Étienne Dubois-Roy and Pascale Brassard, and published by Synapses Games.

We find ourselves in the colorful world of the Aztecs and the goal is to make the most beautiful and profitable feathered snakes, the coatl.

We have a central plateau where we find body parts, tails and heads. Players also have Prophecy cards and Temple cards in their possession.

The principle is simple, you have to build three snakes, but never have more than two unfinished ones in front of you. Cards of both types contain goals to be achieved based on the colors available among the pieces, the number of them, and the presence and even absence of these colors.

A maximum of four Prophecy cards can be associated with a serpent and a Temple card.

Each player has in front of him a personal board where he can store a maximum of eight snake pieces.

In turn, he can perform one of the three available actions: take coatl pieces, choose Prophecy cards, or assemble his snake.

Each action has its simple rules and the game is very easy to understand and makes you want to play thanks to its very colorful universe and its high quality design.

You can quickly realize that you have to adapt to the pieces still available in the center or even take some of them to block an opponent.

There is also a single player mode for those who want to challenge themselves.

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