Qualifying races in Formula 1 for 2020 probably no longer an issue

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Formula 1 traditionalists can be happy: There will probably be no qualifying races in the 2020 season either. The idea was last brought back on the table to spice up the double headers, in which two races on the same route follow each other directly. However, all teams would have to agree to this change.

Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc

Classic qualifying will also take place in Silverstone this year



And because it currently seems hopeless to get the approval of all ten teams, the idea was first put aside. The topic was discussed in an online meeting between team bosses, FIA and Formula 1 last Friday, and while the majority of the teams voted for the idea, Mercedes opposed the plan.

Racing Point said that it took some time to test the idea. That should be obsolete anyway, because just one vote is enough to block the plan. After various formats were discussed on Friday, the teams were presented with a final version on Saturday. So there should have been a qualifying race over 30 minutes.

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The crux: In this race, the cars would have started in the reverse order of the World Cup stand – a disadvantage for the top teams. While Ferrari and Red Bull would not have had a problem with this, the veto by world champion Mercedes is sufficient to block the idea (at least for the 2020 season).

Because the positions seem to be stuck, no further formal coordination on this topic is planned. Thus, in all seasonal races in 2020, however many there will be in the end, the Q1, Q2 and Q3 qualification system will be used. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner was recently annoyed about a missed opportunity.

“The only one who didn’t support that was Toto [Wolff]. Because he believes that Lewis’ chances for a seventh world championship are being impaired too much, “he teased at ‘Sky’. Incidentally, the idea was not new. It was only last October that possible qualifying races were discussed again the suggestion though.

Proponents of the idea saw the corona crisis as an opportunity to put the plan on the table again. Because two races will be held in Spielberg and Silverstone 2020, they wanted to give the second race an additional element of excitement. It remains to be seen whether there will be another advance in the coming years.

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