PSG, excellent news for Neymar

Having left for his confinement period in Brazil, Neymar is back in Paris. This is going to remove a thorn from the foot at PSG which ardently wanted a return before June 15.

Neymar is on the plane for France. And that’s all Paris Saint Germain who will be able to breathe. This very good news, relayed by L’Equipe, is not neutral because European governments must review their copy regarding return authorizations for people who do not come from the Schengen area. Forty is clearly studied and Brazilian nationals should be concerned since the Covid-19 is still rampant in this country.

The fact remains that Neymar will be able to calmly prepare for the resumption of training scheduled for June 22 for Paris Saint-Germain and avoid a first-rate headache for Leonardo and Thomas Tuchel. If he had not really respected the internal rules which recommended staying in France (It was the case of Thiago Silva in Rio, Cavani in Uruguay, Icardi in Italy, Navas in Costa Rica and later Marquinhos who has already returned… ), the Brazilian, who has spent the last few months in his sumptuous home in Mangaratiba, is this time completely in the nails.

“Ney” should be only a few hours ahead of the last to return, namely Thiago Silva, Navas and Cavani who are all expected by the start of next week at the latest.

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