“Proud Boys”: This is the far-right group that Trump mentioned

President Donald Trump is celebrated by the right-wing extremist group “The Proud Boys” for his support during the TV debate. Trump was told live by host Bill Wallace and Joe Biden to distance himself from White Suprematists. Instead, said Trump turned directly to the “Proud Boys” and said: “Stand back and be ready!”

Donald Trump’s statement causes a flood of members among the “Proud Boys”

As reported by NBC News, the right-wing group has taken Trump’s statement as a kind of marching order. In a news group of the “Proud Boys” of the Telegram app it was said: “We are back and ready, sir!” and among other things, members published a video of a man howling at the television in approval in response to Trump’s sentence.

“Stand back. Stand by” has already made a social media account for the group part of its new logo. And online you can buy clothes with Trump’s slogan just hours after the comment. Members also reported that there were many “new recruits” immediately following the debate.

The Proud Boys describe themselves as a “pro-western fraternal organization for men”. They openly express anti-Muslim, racist and misogynist opinions and take the view of “white supremacy”. The group openly supports violence and has been linked to several violent incidents in protests, the New York Times reports.

“Proud Boys” demonstrate against “Black Lives Matter”

For example, members of the group have been to recent rallies in Portland, they regularly organize protests against Black Lives Matter and they marched alongside other extremist groups at the “Unite the Right” demonstration in 2017. Pictures of this rally went around the world three years ago as heavily armed Nazis marched through Charlottesville. The “Proud Boys” were founded in 2016 by Gavin McInnes, one of the founders of Vice Media.

It is not the first time that Trump deliberately misses the chance to speak out against social division and racism. Three years ago he shocked with his sentence about the right-wing protesters in Charlottesville, whom he called “very fine people”.

Megan Squire, an Elon University professor who persecutes online extremism, told NBC News that Trump’s order to the Proud Boys was the fulfillment of their long-awaited “fantasy.” “Just to say the Proud Boys are enthusiastic is an understatement. They were pro-Trump even before this reputation – and now they are absolutely over the moon. ” Indeed, members called Trump’s statement “historic”.

Joe Biden comments on “Proud Boys”

The night after the debate, Joe Biggs, an organizer of the “Proud Boys” posted that they were ready to “take care of” the Antifa: “Trump almost said we should finish them off! That makes me so happy! “

For most viewers, commentators and politicians, however, Trump’s sentence caused sheer horror. Even party colleagues like the Republican Rick Santorum called the statement a “big mistake”. Shortly before the election, the mood is already tense, and many fear that violence and riots may occur. The US Department of the Interior named the “White Supremacist” movements a serious threat to national security in a report.

Joe Biden commented on a screenshot of this post on Twitter, saying, “That. This is Donald Trump’s America. “

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