Pride Month: Social celebrations are so colorful

Pride Month is from June 1st to June 30th. The social networks celebrate their users from the LGBTQ + community with stickers, colorful hashtags and colorful filters.

The online magazine The Economic Times reported that users can now celebrate the LGBTQ + community on the social media platform instead of on the street. Because Instagram is rolling out numerous new features on the occasion of Pride Month. Some of them were launched by the social network last year, others are completely new.

So the colorful hashtags are back. All hashtags related to Pride Month are now displayed in rainbow colors. There is also a new colorful filter in the stories. In addition, users can access new stickers for the Instagram story until June 30th. These have been expanded by a few motifs and are intended to represent a larger gender spectrum.

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Instagram also launched a health guide for the LGBTQ + community. This is mainly about the mental health of the user and the guide presents various supporting tools of the platform. Since parades and street parades cannot take place on the occasion of Pride Month due to the ongoing corona pandemic, Instagram wants to support the LGBTQ + community with the new features.

Colorful and proud: Pinterest brings the search queries back in rainbow colors

Pinterest also wants to support the LGBTQ + community in Pride Month. For this reason, search queries on the topic of Pride are now displayed in rainbow colors by the inspiration portal. The platform announced:

During this month, when users search for ‘Pride’ on Pinterest, they will see the suggested searches in all the colors of the rainbow. This experience is available in six languages ​​(English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian) for all users accessing from desktop, iOS and Android devices.

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Pinterest launched the feature in June last year. On the occasion of this year’s Pride Month, the social media platform is supplementing the layout with colorful themes under the search bar. The network also published the most popular searches related to the LGBTQ + community. Pinterest wrote in a blog post:

Searches for ‘transgender transition’ started to increase in May ’18 and reached their peak in August of last year. Searches then started to rise again during the pandemic, as we have noticed many Pinners have been exploring themselves during this time. There have been hundreds of thousands of searches for ‘transgender transition’ and since April of last year, searches have increased 70 percent.

The data published by the platform shows that Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for members of the LGBTQ + community. This could be an important tip for brands and brands if they want to position themselves on social media during Pride Month.

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Pride Month: Nickelodeon outet Spongebob Squarepants on Instagram

Stars and TV stations also use social media platforms to celebrate the LGBTQ + community. The children’s channel Nickelodeon was certainly the biggest sensation. Because in a post on Instagram, the channel outed the popular cartoon series character Spongebob Schwammkopf as homosexual. While some people strongly criticized this step in the comments, the majority of users did not find the message surprising and received the news very positively.

The outing of Spongebob Schwammkopf on Instagram caused a lot of media coverage. Even if the comments are not entirely positive, this is a first step in the dialogue. This is the only way to create a society in which people of different gender identities and sexual orientations can live peacefully with one another. Social media can play an important role in breaking down prejudices and stereotypes.

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