Presidential election: Donald Trump facing a Republican Party sling?

We take the same and start again. As in 2016, the Republican caciques George W. Bush and Mitt Romney announced that they would not slip a Trump bulletin into the ballot box in November 2020, reveals the New york times. But the impact of their insubordination is not the same as four years ago, says the American daily. Not admitting a whimsical candidate who has only a small chance of moving to the White House has nothing to do with sulking a president from his own party who is seeking a second term.

Another ominous bird for Donald Trump: the thunderbolt in the Republican Party seems deeper than in 2016. An increasing number of members of the Grand Old Party (GOP) would thus think about admitting publicly that they will not support the billionaire. Worse, they could vote for Democrat Joe Biden, the White House’s hated enemy.

This is what Colin Powell, former Secretary of State for George W. Bush, has just announced, denouncing the “lies” of Donald Trump. “I couldn’t vote for him (in 2016) and I certainly can’t support President Trump this year,” said CNN man who voted for Hillary Clinton in the previous election and said he would vote. for Joe Biden.

Cindy McCain, widow of Republican Senator John McCain, is almost certain to support the former vice-president of Barack Obama. As for Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida and brother of George W. Bush, it is not even certain to go to vote.

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The poor management of the pandemic by the President and his security posture in the face of the American protests against police brutality after the death of George Floyd seem to be at the origin of these positions. The words of former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who accused Donald Trump of “dividing America”, were apparently the trigger. After the speech, Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski was one of the first to voice her doubts about whether to vote for Trump. Many officials then said aloud that the current president appears unfit to perform his duties.

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“The time has come for new leadership in this country,” said William H. McRaven, the retired naval admiral who led the raid leading to the death of Osama bin Laden. And to continue, scathing: “President Trump has shown that he does not have the qualities necessary to be a good commander-in-chief. “

The White House is not on fire, however. Donald Trump indeed won the elections in 2016 despite a significant number of Republicans and retired military officers who refused to support him. And the American president has many more supporters in the GOP than in 2016. Among his unwavering supporters are Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell, majority leader in the Senate, and former enemies like Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham . And recent polls indicate that grassroots Republicans are 100% behind the president. But coordinated opposition from some republican caciques could encourage the more skeptical to put aside their loyalty to the party and thus lead to a structured and potentially disastrous sling for Donald Trump.

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