Poulsen’s work of art crowns Leipzig victory in the top game

Augsburg (dpa) – Yussuf Poulsen took full risk with his work of art. It was a stroke of genius in which all the components came together: technology, timing, luck.

“The ball came well, exactly over the head and was perfect for the volley. I thought, try to lock it. And then I hit the ball quite well,” said Poulsen, describing his dream goal, which was the mature performance of RB Leipzig in detail crowned safe 2-0 (1-0) in the top game of the Bundesliga at FC Augsburg.

“Quite well hit” was an understatement, especially since the center forward thrashed the ball into the Augsburg goal with his weaker left foot from an acute angle, which was unsustainable for Rafal Gikiewicz. It was Poulsen’s very first action. RB coach Julian Nagelsmann was amazed at the “good feet of Yussi” and allowed himself an addition: “There was also a bit of luck with it. You can’t see that one hundred percent as a planned goal.” But it was “exceptionally beautiful”.

Football was not all-round beautiful in the empty FCA arena. The Leipzig appearance was patient and clear. And the Saxons scored at the ideal time, especially when Angeliño headed just before the break. “We were dominant at many stages of the game,” said Poulsen, who watched from the bench until the 66th minute. Nagelsmann had in the starting eleven – as in the 4-0 against Schalke – without a central striker. Something was missing up front. When the massive Poulsen came, he delivered promptly. “It was quick with the first ball contact,” said the 26-year-old with a smile. Substitution, volleyball, goal celebration, away win.

Augsburg coach Heiko Herrlich knew after the “dream goal from Poulsen” at the latest that another surprise coup, like the 2-0 win against Borussia Dortmund, celebrated by 6000 fans three weeks earlier, would remain a wish without the support of the spectators.

“We know how to classify that,” said Herrlich after the first defeat of the season, which he realistically classified from an FCA point of view: “We played against a top European team that were in the semi-finals of the Champions League a few weeks ago.”

Nagelsmann immediately focused on the premier class. The still very present final tournament in Lisbon, where the star ensemble from Paris Saint-Germain was only able to stop the semi-final newcomer shortly before the final in August, is not the benchmark for the RB- before the restart on Tuesday against the Turkish champions Istanbul Basaksehir Coach: “That was a nice experience, but that doesn’t count for the new round. It would be totally presumptuous for RB Leipzig to plan for it to happen every year.”

After all, they have “caught a demanding group”, as Nagelsmann said with a view to the renewed duel with PSG as well as Manchester United and Basaksehir: “We don’t have to hide. But we won’t be talking about any broad goals now. We’re trying to achieve a good one To have an opening game. ” And of course the goal is “to get beyond the group stage,” said Nagelsmann.

Nationally, however, a place among the top four is the clear target. After four match days, the table is still “uninteresting” for the shooter Poulsen. In the early part of the season all that counts is “that we perform well and win our games”. Sometime in the next year we will “talk about the table position”. And no longer about his feat in Augsburg.

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