Police officer shoots blacks: What is known about perpetrators and victims from Atlanta

Another black American died in a police operation. Video footage shows Rayshad Brooks trying to escape from a fast food restaurant after a fight with police officers. When he escaped, he aimed a stun gun, which he had taken from an officer, at him. The policeman follows him and shoots. Two bullets hit Brooks in the back. Brooks dies. The autopsy later confirmed that the Friday night shots resulted in the death of the Atlanta man.

On the day of his death, victims celebrated his daughter’s birthday

The victim’s family is devastated, reports L. Chris Stewart, Brooks’ lawyer ’direct family member to“ CNN ”. Brooks is survived by his wife, three daughters aged 1, 3 and 8 and a 13-year-old stepson. The lawyer describes him as a calm person. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper, he worked in a Mexican restaurant in Atlanta. “He was nice and an outstanding person,” the paper quotes a friend of the family

On the day of his death, Brooks is said to have celebrated her eighth birthday with one of his daughters. Attorney Stewart told CNN that Brooks had picked her up to have her nails done. On Saturday they wanted to go skating together. “She thought he was going to show up any moment,” Stewart says of the little daughter, who on Saturday hadn’t understood what had happened to her father.

Police officer has already been released

Shortly after the incident, Erika Shields, police chief in Atlanta, announced her resignation. In the meantime, the policeman who fired the fatal shots has also been released. The shooter is Garrett Rolfe, just like the victim 27 years old. According to the local TV station “WSB-TV”, he has been working as a police officer in Atlanta since 2013.

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As the “AJC” reports, Rolfe was part of the “High Intensity Traffic” team of the police in Atlanta. The main task of the team is to check road users for alcohol or drugs. Rolfe is said to have completed a nine-hour de-escalation training in April. On January 9 this year, he was also reportedly trained at a police academy in the use of lethal force on duty.

Police unionist describes Sagittarius as “extraordinary officer”

The “AJC” further reports that Rolfe should have called Ken Allen, representative of the police union in Atlanta directly after the shots. According to “AJC”, Brooks initially defended Allen and said that one should not let a suspect run if one had already used violence against him. In addition, Rolfe had acted properly during the attempted Brooks arrest.

The New York Post writes that Allen described Rolfe as an “exceptional officer”. Among other things, he was honored by the non-profit organization “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” in May 2019 because he had arrested over 50 people for drunk driving the previous year.

Second officer transferred to the incident

Rolfe’s colleague, Officer Devin Bronsan, who was also on site, has been working as a police officer in Atlanta since 2018. He didn’t fire on Brooks. As a consequence of the incident, Bronsan has since been transferred to the administrative service.

The prosecutor promises to act quickly in the case. District Attorney Paul Howard told CNN that a decision would be made later this week whether to charge murder or negligent homicide charges. Forensic medicine meanwhile classified the case as murder.

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