Pjanic, the bruised child at Barça

This Monday, FC Barcelona formalized the signing of Miralem Pjanic, who therefore crosses the Brazilian Arthur Melo, sent him to Juventus. At 30, the midfielder therefore continues his fabulous nose to destiny and life.

Difficult to find more linear evolution and progression… Miralem pjanic was in the spotlight early on. As proof, he was not yet 18 years old that he was already participating in his first meeting with professionals, under the colors of FC Metz. Since then, the kid has come a long way, and at 30, he has just joined the ranks of the prestigious FC Barcelona, coming directly from a no less fascinating formation, the Juventus.

Its transfer history

July 2008 – From FC Metz to Olympique Lyonnais ⇒ 7.5 million euros
August 2011 – From Olympique Lyonnais to AS Rome ⇒ 11 million euros
July 2016 – From AS Rome to Juventus ⇒ 32 million euros
Summer 2020 – From Juventus to FC Barcelona ⇒ 60 million euros

From his last steps in Moselle to his next in Catalonia, twelve years will have passed. Twelve years during which the left-hander will have had the joy of living with his passion, while shining under the colors of various very prominent clubs. He has just signed up for the next four seasons with the Blaugranas, therefore for 60 million euros and a potential bonus of an additional € 5 million. At his age, Pjanic knows he just signed his last big career contract.

Messi, after Totti and Ronaldo

Then, the years will force him little by little to aim a little lower, or to leave Europe for a less upscale but more lucrative challenge. Necessarily, we can’t wait to see what his left paw could do alongside that of a certain Lionel Messi. After being the teammate of Francesco Totti or Cristiano Ronaldo, the ex-Garnet therefore continues his dream. A dream that seemed more like a nightmare during its first years of life.

War as a cradle

Because Miralem Pjanic was born in 1990, in the heart of a Yugoslavia then in distress, plagued by ethnic tensions. Like many other children his age, he was a priori called to live in horror for several years, the deadly conflicts that lasted between 1991 and 2001 in this geographical area. Yes but now, thanks to his father, a second zone footballer, Yugoslavian-turned-Bosnian is offered the opportunity to leave the war for Luxembourg. He thus follows in papa’s footsteps, and will learn to tame and master leather in this duchy, with complete peace of mind.

His record

92 selections and 14 goals for the Bosnian national team
Winner of the Italian Cup 2018 with Juventus
Winner of Serie A 2017, 2018 and 2019 with Juventus
2017 Champions League finalist with Juventus

Without this unexpected chance of being able to leave the Balkans during this troubled period, who knows what would have happened to this so talented child? Could he have still perfected his technique on a set kick in the shadow of Juninho Pernambucano at theOL, the time of a season spent together? Did he imagine then going even higher, to theAS Rome, Juve and now Barça? Would he have only survived? These questions no longer need to be, because if destiny smiled on the child Pjanic thirty years ago, the success that he then enjoyed was entirely his own. And the beautiful story continues…

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