Pirelli confident: 2019 Formula 1 tires in use by the end of 2021

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Actually, Formula 1 has new tires for every season. But currently everything is different. The tires originally planned for 2020 are not used because last year the teams spoke out in favor of using the 2019 tires for another year. Now these tires have to last three complete seasons.

Mario Isola

Mario Isola believes there will be no problems by the end of 2021



Background: Because the regulations originally planned for 2021 have been postponed to 2022, the new 18-inch tires won’t come until a year later. And because Pirelli does not want to deduct any resources from the development of the new tires, the 2019 tires should also be used in 2021. An unusually long life cycle for Formula 1 tires.

Pirelli usually brings new tires every season because the cars change. The racing cars are getting more and more downforce, they are getting faster and faster and therefore they place higher demands on the tires. Pirelli’s Formula 1 boss Mario Isola explains why the 2019 tires should still last a full three years.

“We should [die Saison] Start downforce in 2021, which is at a level by the end of 2019 or early 2020, “he explains to ‘Motorsport-Total.com’. Background: For 2021, the development of cars will be largely frozen. However, there are small changes to the underbody, which should ensure that the bolides lose downforce for the 2021 season.

How much downforce will the teams find in 2020?

“That was exactly the plan,” says Isola and explains: “The downforce should be reduced so that the 2019 tires last until the end of 2021, without us [Reifen-]Need to increase pressure too much. Because if we increase the pressure, it means that we are more likely to have problems with overheating and degradation. “

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“We know that the drivers would not be happy with this, which is why we worked with the FIA ​​and the teams to find a solution,” reports the Italian, adding: “At the beginning there were many different options on the table. But then it was decided that it would be best to work on the sub-floor. “

“That makes sense when you consider that we are likely to lose the amount of downforce that [die Teams] during the season, “explains Isola. However, 2020 will be a” difficult season “due to the current circumstances, which is why it is not clear how much downforce the teams will actually find during the year.

No regular tire tests during the 2020 season

The teams were therefore asked for “additional simulations” in order to better assess the situation. Should it become apparent that the 2019 tires will no longer be able to meet the requirements of the 2021 season, Pirelli has recently been given the opportunity to test new tires on a race weekend in the second Friday training session.

But first you want to wait for the team simulations. Isola explains: “Then we can decide whether we have to schedule a test or not. But it was important [diese Möglichkeit] usually anchored, because once the season starts, it’s too late to discuss these things. “

There will be no tire tests outside the Grand Prix weekends in 2020. This applies to both current and new tires from 2022. However, Isola makes it clear with regard to possible Friday tests: “This is not a substitute for the tire development tests.” In 2021, 25 test days are planned for the new 18-inch tires.

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