Pierre Gasly: ​​I don’t even look what Albon is doing …

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Not only since his victory in Monza has it been clear that Pierre Gasly has blossomed again at AlphaTauri. With strong performances, the Frenchman applied for a second chance at Red Bull in 2020. The team emphasizes that Alexander Albon continues to enjoy priority, but should the Thai fall behind in terms of performance, Gasly can still have legitimate hopes.

Pierre Gasly

Pierre Gasly: ​​will he become a Red Bull driver again in 2021?



The question is: Does Gasly even want that or does he feel so comfortable at AlphaTauri that he prefers to stay in the supposed B-Team? “Am I happy with my performance with the team? Yes. Am I happy to work with this team? Yes. Is it my goal to fight for better positions in Formula 1? Yes,” says Gasly. “You have to consider everything.”

According to his own statement, the French tried everything to get into the fastest possible car. “And I don’t think I can do much at the moment.” And for him, the faster car is owned by Red Bull. “But at the end of the day there is no good and no bad option. I think both options are good,” emphasized the Frenchman.

He doesn’t know whether his performance is enough. But he hopes that good performance will be rewarded. “At the moment I’m performing quite well,” he says in the shop window. But Gasly has to wait and see what happens to Albon.

Gasly: ​​I’m not focused on Alex

In Sochi Gasly landed again in front of the Red Bull driver and has thus again made arguments for himself. But beating Albon doesn’t really give him any particular satisfaction. “I’m happy no matter who is behind me,” he says. “I’m not focused on Alex. What happens to him isn’t really my problem, so I don’t really care.”

“My point is,” he continues, “I’ve probably scored 70 points with Toro Rosso and AlphaTauri in the past twelve months, which is significantly more than anyone else on this team. Some of them got the chance to join Red Bull to go and scored less than me. We’ll see. “

However, some fear Gasly would see a repeat of 2019 at Red Bull. Few believe that he can hold a candle to Max Verstappen. With Daniil Kwjat, however, he has an easier opponent at AlphaTauri – and also in 2021 with possibly newcomer Yuki Tsunoda.

Dear Leader or Number 2 to Verstappen?

For Gasly, too, it is a question of philosophy whether he would rather play second fiddle in a top team or be the leader in a worse team. “I haven’t even thought about that,” he says. “But one thing is clear: if you want to be world champion, you have to be the leader in the team. That is the first criterion.”

“But in my situation I would also like to fight for top positions, and I believe that Red Bull has a much better car,” he added. “But I have to think a little more to know what I prefer.” On the other hand, this question should not be in his hand anyway, but in Red Bull’s.

He would not be afraid of a new attempt. “One thing is clear: Red Bull and I both learned what didn’t work. I think we’d do a few things differently to make sure we’re as competitive as we should be – on their side and mine too” says Gasly. “I believe we would do a much better job. And we both know it.”

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