Pierre, Cooper and Charlotte, friends forever

Pierre Marcotte talks about the abundance of his two dogs, Cooper and Charlotte, the brother and sister, who have been in his life for 10 years, despite Cooper’s death last May during confinement.

Charlotte lying full length on Cooper's back.

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Charlotte lying full length on Cooper’s back.

What is the reason that prompted you to have these dogs in your home?

When I retired, I decided to buy myself a dog to give myself some discipline. I’m a night owl and on top of that I had set up a movie theater in the house. Having a dog requires a bit of routine.

Why did you choose these names?

In honor of Gary Cooper, actor, and Charlotte Brontë, writer.

How can you describe the personality of your two dogs in a few sentences?

Cooper, he was the boss. Charlotte has always followed him. They were in harmony. Two good adorable dogs. Impeccable. Not eager at all! They listen to me. People are sometimes surprised at how well I managed to breed my dogs, I who am unruly and a bit anarchist around the edges!

Do you want to tell us about Cooper’s passing?

He was weakening. I went to the vet. Verdict: he was cardiac. He was on medication for 5 months. At first it was okay, but Cooper wasn’t the same anymore. Eventually, he got to a point where he stopped eating, lay down, and breathed faster. So I made the appointment for the euthanasia … It was last May. That same day, an hour before the date, Cooper died at home, all quiet on his pillow, after I had just told him he was a good dog, but I had to let him go. ..

Does Charlotte miss Cooper?

When Cooper died, she came to smell it and she just left. Thereafter, she had no boredom reactions. She didn’t look for him either.

Tell us about an unusual or special fact about Charlotte.

Charlotte has always been with me and has followed me everywhere for 10 years. Several women have passed in my life, but Charlotte has always remained by my side. Since my current spouse came into our lives, Charlotte has always been with her. She chose her mistress!

Tell us a funny fact about your dogs.

I had an RV bus to go to Florida. The dogs hated it. Cooper would lay down on the bench and Charlotte would stay on the ground and shake the entire trip. One day, Charlotte lay squarely on Cooper’s back. It seemed to calm Charlotte. Cooper let him do it the entire way.

Tell us about one of their bad shots.

When they were young, they ran away. They took their banks of the river and went to St-Irénée. Everyone knew them! They often landed in the same spot and the owner of the premises would call me to tell me that my dogs were in his yard.

Tell me a beautiful memory.

There is a beautiful large field a little higher up, near my home in Charlevoix, with a magnificent view. When I took them there on an ATV, they were frolicking. Then Charlotte would encourage him to play. They would play chasing each other. Charlotte is running very fast and Cooper wasn’t able to catch her. Cooper is buried in that field, under a pine tree that I planted.

About Pierre Marcotte:

  • Pierre Marcotte had a flourishing career as a TV host and was also the owner of the Hélène de Champlain restaurant for years. He is now retired and lives in Charlevoix.

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