Parti vers du Québec executive calls for resignation of leader Alex Tyrrell

Internal tensions within the Green Party of Quebec (PVQ) are growing. The party’s executive is calling for nothing less than the head of its leader, Alex Tyrrell, not least on the grounds that he is poorly preparing the formation for the next provincial election.

“We have arrived at a clear consensus: we no longer trust Alex Tyrrell’s ability to lead our political formation and we believe that, in the best interests of our party and our movement, Alex Tyrrell should leave without delay. its functions ”, we can read in a letter sent to the members of the PVQ and whose The duty got copy.

The executive has eight members and six of them signed the letter. Only one person is a dissenter. The eighth member is Mr. Tyrrell himself.

The signatories believe that the current leader is not “the right person to allow the PVQ to develop and progress.” They criticize Mr. Tyrrell for doing “very little field work” such as door-to-door or local activities; for not having created any constituency association and only two regional associations; not to actively recruit candidates for election; and for having raised less funds than the New Democratic Party of Quebec and the Conservative Party of Quebec, two more recent parties having obtained less support than the PVQ in the 2018 election.

In interview with The duty, the principal concerned rejects these accusations. “In general, I find the PVQ doing very well. I have never had so much notoriety as I am now, following my application [à la chefferie du Parti vert] federally, ”says Tyrrell. He argues that the party’s 1,000 or so members will have an opportunity in mid-December to vote on his leadership in the vote of confidence.

On the contrary, the signatories believe that this vote has the potential to be “more divisive than unifying”. They cast doubt on the integrity of the process because the modalities for verifying the status of members entitled to vote “are unclear and uncertain.” “This reality would allow potential abuse,” they write. In an interview, one of the signatories, Vincent J. Carbonneau, explained that it is “difficult to verify who is a member, we do not have access to the database”. Last year, PVQ activists made a first sortie against Tyrrell, accusing him, among other things, of having suspended the membership of certain people who contested him.

Signatories fear Mr. Tyrrell will cling to his post if he gets 50% +1 of the votes cast in the confidence vote. “We consider this interpretation to be very very problematic”, they write again.

Mr. Tyrrell retorts that he doesn’t have “a fixed number.” “Party rules say the person has to get a majority of the votes. Of course I would like to get the best possible result, but I will assess that following the vote. He said he was very confident of winning his vote of confidence. And he believes that is the reason his executive is making the exit. “They too are confident that I will win the vote and they are looking to cancel it or bully me into resigning,” Tyrrell said.

Vincent J. Carbonneau offers another version of the facts. After having supported Mr. Tyrrell for a long time, he also dissociates himself from it because he finds that many of the problems experienced in the PVQ and of the conflicts, in particular with the federal Green Party, “are linked to his person”. “Our rules do not provide a very clear framework for this vote. It will simply be a rubber stamp. Active party life is non-existent and there are fears that Alex Tyrrell will be given another four years to be free to do whatever he wants. “

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