Paranoia and blame: The tatters are flying among Trump’s top advisors

Shortly before the US election: Paranoia and blame: The tatters are flying among Trump’s top advisors

The campaign team of US President Donald Trump is seething. In the face of impending defeat, top consultants should start to blame each other. And Trump does not seem inviolable either.

Of course they still believe in it. Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien said on Friday, according to the US magazine “Politico”, that there was still a way for the US president to win. Internally, they boast that Trump looked significantly better in the last TV debate. Trump had taken a good look at Biden and made it clear that he had never been able to keep his promises in Washington in five decades.

But things are probably not going that rosy in Trump’s campaign team. Republican leaders say there is growing paranoia. It deals with the fear of defeat. And associated with it the worry of becoming Trump’s target.

Blame target: ex-top manager Brad Parscale

According to “Politico”, most of the censure goes against Brad Parscale, who led Trump’s election campaign until July 2020. Parscale made serious mistakes, it is said. So it was wrong to question Biden’s mental state. With older voters, this tended to cost votes. Parscale wasted a lot of money, especially on advertising.

When Stepien took over in July, there was hardly any money left, writes “Politico”. Parscale completely overestimated how much money the campaign would attract. At the end of the election campaign, Trump was busy with fundraising events instead of appearing in front of an audience.

The parscale side shoots back

But the Parscale people do not want to sit on them. Every major issue of the election campaign has been approved by Trump’s top employees. Of course, they have less money available than Biden, but still more financial resources than in the 2016 election campaign. And it has grown on Trump’s crap to question the mental state of Biden.

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Chief of Staff messes up corona communication

And so other employees come into the focus of Republican criticism. Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is criticized for his communication disaster on Trump’s Covid-19 disease. Meadows had made contrary statements to those words of Trump doctor Sean Conley. He had spoken about the dire situation of the president when the Trump team tried to pretend everything was okay.

And that’s not all. Meadows is also accused of recklessly letting Trump speak to investigative journalist Bob Woodward. Trump had told the “Watergate” star that he was deliberately downplaying the corona virus. Still others respond that it is utterly illusory that Meadows could have stopped Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump is behind Meadows. He’s doing an “incredible job”. The US president referred reports that he was not satisfied with Meadows to the land of fables.

Criticism of “unpredictable” Trump

But Trump is not exempt from the criticism of his employees. It is also to blame Trump that so little money comes in, according to “Politico”. He hadn’t wanted to hold virtual events to raise funds during the pandemic.

It was a mistake to cancel the second TV duel, so the critics. Trump was overall unpredictable, which was also shown by his most recent 30-minute rant against top physician Anthony Fauci, among others. And if you believe a former Trump employee, the boss will not do much to reunite his team on the home straight. “If there is a mistake, it is never Trump. That is the rule.” And so in the end the employees would have to work out who is responsible for the error.

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