“Panic” reigns in the White House after the US President’s virus show

John Bolton served as Donald Trump’s security advisor for a year and a half. Bolton is now speaking in Germany about the US President’s corona show and the election campaign in the United States – before that, he had already commented on the state of the White House after Trump’s virus infection.

He served the US President as a security advisor for 519 days. In September 2019, John Bolton resigned from office. What led to the rift between the diplomat, who is considered a hardliner, and Donald Trump can be read on over 600 pages that do not leave any good hair on the man in the White House.

“The room where everything happened” is what Bolton called his memory report. The 71-year-old went from being an ally to a bitter opponent of the US president.

Trump’s handling of Corona “deeply flawed”

An American alluring personality who is now doing the honors on German television. At “maischberger. Die woche” Bolton will give his assessment of the situation in the US election campaign in the first on Wednesday evening.

In a TV interview with Sky News, he now revealed how critical the politician and diplomat is of the incumbent who recently contracted the corona virus.

White House staff “panicked”

“I think his handling of the pandemic, from a national political point of view, was irresponsible and deeply flawed,” Bolton gave his former boss a damning testimony. He does not believe that Trump’s heroic self-presentation as a Covid 19 conqueror reflects the mood on his staff.

“After Trump’s corona infection,” Bolton found out, employees in the White House were “honestly in a panic”.

Did the USA survive the worst? Bolton says no

One can “hardly trust that our country has passed the worst when the president himself and the first lady test positive for the disease”.

How Trump’s illness and recovery influence the US election campaign, John Bolton wants to explain in more detail as a talk guest at Sandra Maischberger in the first. On Wednesday, October 7th, 10:50 p.m., the latest edition of the political format will run in the ARD late-night program.

Habeck and Lauterbach are also guests

In addition to Bolton, Greens boss Robert Habeck is also a guest. In a conversation with the host one year before the federal election, he is supposed to show his party’s positions on climate protection, the fight against corona and economic aid.

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach assesses the increasing number of infections in Europe. The editor of “European”, Ansgar Graw, the editor-in-chief of “taz”, Barbara Junge, and the actor and presenter Bernhard Hoëcker are invited as commentators.

More updates on Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has returned to the White House after his corona infection. Previously, there had been confusion about his health. A video message to the country caused horror.

Just three days after being admitted to the Walter Reed Military Hospital, Trump is back at the White House. In doing so, he is taking a high risk. Because the US president has not yet survived the infection – and is also still contagious.

Donald Trump is back in the White House. But the US president is still infected with Corona. Employees and servants are afraid; also because nobody gives them the information they need.

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