“Opportunity is here”: is Vettel joining Aston Martin as a shareholder?

(Motorsport-Total.com) – After BMW-Sauber, Toro Rosso, Red Bull and Ferrari, Aston Martin will be the fifth stop in Sebastian Vettel’s Formula 1 career from 2021. Given that he has officially signed a “multi-year” contract and that he will be 35 by the end of 2022, observers believe it is conceivable that the British team Vettels will be the last.

Sebastian Vettel in the possible outfit of Aston Martin 2021 (photo montage)

Sebastian Vettel in the possible outfit of Aston Martin 2021 (photo montage)



Aston Martin is not only a Formula 1 racing team, based on today’s Racing Point, but also a sports car manufacturer. Canadian businessman Lawrence Stroll has a stake in both companies, and Vettel has signed a separate contract with both companies, according to RaceFans.

The Formula 1 team should therefore only pay him an annual fee of 1.5 million US dollars (plus bonuses). The rest comes from the sports car manufacturer. So it would be only natural to bind Vettel, who is probably wondering what to do after his active driving career, as an investor with a stake in the Aston Martin brand for life.

Toto Wolff always found it smart to have “skin in the game” in his role as Mercedes team boss, which, in addition to his employee relationship, is cemented with a 30 percent share in the company in Brackley. And Wolff is now also invested in Aston Martin with an originally 40 million euro block of shares.

Will Vettel also buy “a few shares”?

With him and Mercedes, the topic was different than it is now with Vettel and Aston Martin, he says: “Sebastian is first and foremost a racing driver. It’s about the performance on the track. That doesn’t mean that he may not be a couple Buy stocks – especially if the company is still valued low. This opportunity is of course there. “

Wolff is alluding to the current course of Aston Martin in London, which closed on Friday afternoon at exactly 50 British pence (GBX). Taking into account various measures such as capital increases that have diluted the price over the years, Aston Martin’s valuation at the IPO in October 2018 was more than ten times as high.

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Wolff himself did not discuss the idea of ​​winning Vettel as an investor with his friend Stroll: “The racing activities are legally separate between the racing team and the automobile company,” he assures. “It is a question of the Aston Martin management how they want to use Sebastian as an ambassador or not.”

From the perspective of the Viennese financial investor, however, it is excellent news that Aston Martin has signed Vettel as a driver and brand ambassador: “I have shares in Aston Martin. From a perspective, I think that’s great. Because Germany is the second most important market.”

The first effects of the Vettel engagement on the stock market price already existed on the evening of September 9th, when it was clear that Vettel would come. In the meantime, the value of Aston shares climbed by up to 17 percent within a few hours – an increase that has long since been corrected downwards.

Wolff: Vettel is good news for the share

“First the share rose sharply, and then someone held on and sold shares, and in the end we closed with a minus,” said Wolff, putting the rash into perspective. “The stock market always reacts to good news, and I think the good news is that a very popular driver, a four-time world champion, is racing in Formula 1 for the Aston Martin brands and Aston Martin too will act as an ambassador. “

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“Germany is the second most important market after England, and I believe that Sebastian will play a relatively large role as a figurehead for this brand. I think it was a sign of the seriousness of this project that Sebastian could be persuaded to join. For the car brand Aston Martin definitely a very good marketing effect. “

From a Formula 1 perspective, too, Wolff welcomes the fact that Vettel has found a new home and has not yet finished his career: “He is the second most successful driver of this decade next to Lewis, and it is important that someone like Sebastian, who is still at his best Years, Formula 1 is not leaving. “

“From a different point of view, he will bring an incredible amount of knowledge to Aston Martin, where he will drive alongside Lance Stroll, who is getting better and better and is now at a great level. The knowledge Sebastian can bring will be for everyone help to improve. That will be his contribution. “

“If Sebastian had stopped, it would certainly have cost spectators in Germany. Germany is a very important market for Formula 1. It would not have been right. So I’m very happy that he found a new challenge in a brand new team Representative for Aston Martin, a fantastic, historic sports car brand. I’m delighted that he stays. “

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