“One small step”: the latest Ferrari updates in detail

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Fourth place in qualifying and seventh place in the race: Can that be seen as an upswing at Ferrari? In any case, the traditional Italian Formula 1 team has extensively modified its SF1000 at the races in Russia and in the Eifel. Here we present the individual updates and how they work in detail.

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari SF1000: He felt an advantage from the updates



Charles Leclerc, who ensured the aforementioned Ferrari top performances at the Nürburgring, is impressed by the recent changes: “I think even the smallest update we had with us this weekend has brought us in the right direction.”

Ferrari had “not made a giant step” with the innovations in the car, “but we weren’t looking for that either,” says Leclerc. “It was a small step in the right direction and that is positive.”

Part one of the update package in Sochi

Ferrari had already used the first part of its upgrade package at the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, namely a new front section including the adjoining air deflectors. Our picture shows the previous version and the new, smaller-scale solution.

Ferrari update 2020: front end

The previous front section on the SF1000 and the new aero parts (in a circle)



Ferrari expects this to result in a more targeted flow of aerodynamically sensitive surfaces further back on the vehicle. Because these air baffles are also a little deeper than before, the arrangement takes up more air overall and can pass it on better. In interaction with the front wing, this improves the aerodynamic efficiency of the front section.

The approach is not new: Comparable aero parts were already found on the VF-19 from the Ferrari customer team Haas in 2019. Ferrari picked this up for its latest update.

Mercedes as a model for rear wing innovation

The traditional team was also inspired by the rear wing upgrade, in this case from Mercedes. The end plates of the rear wing are now clearly based on the Mercedes model, with a serrated upper edge at the rear and larger cutouts instead of many small lamellas in the lower area of ​​the end plate.

Formula 1 technology: The current Ferrari updates

Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel drove at the Eifel Grand Prix on the Nürburgring with these innovations on the Ferrari SF1000: The Ferrari Upda

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The second phase of the updates then followed at the Nürburgring, no longer at the front and rear of the vehicle, but in the middle of the car. The core of these changes are the side wind deflectors in front of the side pods.

In the front, vertical element, the first incision was moved to the front (1) so that the flow to the entire component changes.

New deflectors on the Ferrari SF1000

Ferrari updates 2020: wind deflectors

Side view: The complex wind deflectors on the Ferrari SF1000



The upper boomerang part (2) has been given a stronger retaining strut (4) on the outside of the car. In addition, the lower boomerang is no longer attached directly to the upper one, but to a new, separate retaining strut (3). Overall, these struts are set significantly lower, with a new incision in the front area (3).

Ferrari has also rebuilt the front edge of the underbody (5), where individual “teeth” now protrude. These air baffles are intended to direct the air flow under the vehicle even more precisely.

In combination, the two updates from Russia and the Eifel should give the Ferrari SF1000 better aerodynamic efficiency. Leclerc’s Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel, however, said at the Nürburgring: “Not a big difference.”

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