OM unveils its new jerseys!

Olympique de Marseille unveiled their home and away shirts for the 2020-2021 season.

It’s still a long-awaited moment for fans! Olympique de Marseille lifted the veil this Saturday morning in their tunics for the coming season.

The home jersey is fairly classic, white, with sky blue edging. “Directly inspired by modern architecture of the twentieth century, our new swimsuit is a reflection of the Marseille city by taking up the designs of key monuments of our city,” said the equipment supplier to the Marseille club.

A midnight blue outdoor jersey

The “away” outfit is more original, midnight blue, with patterns representing a city at night. This unique is “inspired by our unique and multicultural neighborhoods so specific to Marseille. Like our city, the jersey will have a unique design thanks to a cutting process in the canvas. We have selected the emblematic colors of the club: azure blue and gold with night blue as a basis. “

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