Obama and the pandemic to be Trump

Barack Obama, one of the Democratic Party’s biggest stars, arrives in the campaign at a critical time with his energy and impressive public speaking skills. This is the perfect opportunity for him to take his revenge by using the pandemic as the last nail in Trump’s coffin.

Yesterday in Florida he lashed out at him highlighting his incompetent and ignorant response to the current COVID-19 explosion in the United States to show the urgency to oust him from power. Obama recalls that Trump is multiplying the “suprinfecting” assemblies, assuring his supporters that the United States has “turned the corner” and that the pandemic is behind them.

Settling scores to “OK Corral”

A great animosity characterizes the relationship between the two men. For years, Trump has questioned Obama’s US citizenship. Throughout his tenure, Trump has denounced the achievements of his predecessor and made it his mission to dismantle them. Thus “Obamacare”, the emblematic law on affordable care, is currently before the Supreme Court. Trump has been rambling bizarrely for years that he has his own plan that he will publish “in two weeks”.

During his rallies, Trump also continues to slander Obama with unfounded accusations of spying on his 2016 campaign for which he unsuccessfully asked that he be indicted. Obama is the object of a particular hatred from Trump’s racist base that constantly stirs him up.

Calling Trump’s gruff demeanor to reporter Lesley Stahl on the show “not normal” 60 minutesObama reassured Americans, “With Biden and Harris at the helm, you won’t have to worry about them saying crazy things every day. “

Obama: the White House, but also the Senate

For Obama, the defeat of Trump and the Republican Party is an existential issue for the country and for democracy. He’s not just trying to kick Trump out of the White House, he’s also stepping in to help Democrats take control of the Senate. He appears in television commercials for Democratic Senate candidates from Maine, Michigan, South Carolina and Georgia, states where Republican seats are threatened.

Obama is also active on social media, posting more than a dozen explanatory videos about the ballot and filming himself filling out a mail ballot to help people who are unfamiliar with electoral procedures.

In Florida, a key state where the fight is particularly close, the campaign appears to be taking the form of a Trump-Obama race. Barack Obama, who has won it twice easily enough, hopes to make a difference by rallying the last undecided among Latinos, blacks and young voters to Biden. With women, they will make a difference in certain pivotal states.

Biden doesn’t just have to win the election, he needs a decisive, unchallengeable victory. With Barack Obama and the pandemic, Democratic strategists are convinced to get it.

On the eve of the presidential election which divides Americans more than ever, Normand Lester draws up, in his new book Stupid and dangerous : the United States in the era of Trump, a grim portrait of the United States at a time when social, racial and political tensions are at their height.

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