Now live on Google: Text from Featured Snippet is highlighted on websites

For some time now, Google has been testing the feature for marking the featured snippet text on the landing pages. Now it has been rolled out extensively.

Anyone who clicks on a featured snippet on Google mobile or desktop should now see the text from this snippet highlighted in color on the source’s website or be directed to the corresponding section of the page via anchor. The feature has been active for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) since December 2018. Google has now confirmed that the function will also become the standard for HTML pages.

No markup required for the feature

In a tweet, Danny Sullivan from Google SearchLiaison confirmed that users of HTML pages – via mobile or desktop – have been seeing the text from a clicked Featured Snippet prominently on the corresponding source pages since last week. According to Barry Schwartz ’report at Search Engine Land, the feature is now available on most browsers and most snippets.

Sullivan refers to a Google document that provides more information about highlighted snippets in the context of websites. It also explains that webmasters do not need markup to enable this option for their content, which may appear in a featured snippet. This is confirmed by the Google SearchLiaison Twitter account:

According to Google, users are automatically directed to the corresponding text element, provided it can be stated with certainty where it is on the page. This content management is based on the technology of the “Scroll To Text Fragment”. Therefore, the feature will only be available in browsers that support this technology.

How the content from the featured snippet is displayed on the landing page

As soon as you start a search on Google and discover a featured snippet, you can click on it. You will then be taken to the page where the content shown can be found.

Google search to set hashtags
Google search for setting hashtags, Google screenshot

After clicking on the snippet, you will find the text displayed in the snippet highlighted in color on this page and / or guided directly to this section of the page by the automatic scrolling.

The selected text from the featured snippet on the landing page
The highlighted text from the Featured Snippet on the landing page (click on the picture to get a larger view), screenshot

If the new feature is not supported in a browser or with a snippet, you will get to the upper area of ​​the page that provides the snippet content as usual.

Google’s help document contains information on how webmasters can block snippets via tags or exclude text for featured snippets. Finally, the Google feature should be particularly helpful for users who are looking for a quick answer to their question asked on Google. The information from the snippet could often be enough for them. However, clicking on the page could mean that you would like to receive further information. SEO expert Barry Schwartz argues that webmasters should consider placing ads or calls-to-action – if possible – for pages that contain text marked as part of a featured snippet in the vicinity of this marking. A check of which of your own pages the feature applies should always be carried out in order to initiate any measures.

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