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By Maude Dumas
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In times of pandemic, even in the midst of the second wave, the fight against climate change must remain a priority. With the improved offer of Hydro-Québec’s Efficient Solutions program, entrepreneurs can switch to “green plan” mode and begin their energy transition without delay.

What should take precedence: the fight against COVID-19 or the fight against global warming? Bill Gates’ response in an interview with Bloomberg: “Unfortunately, these two problems keep getting worse, but there is no vaccine-like solution that can address the issue of climate change by spending money. billions of dollars. For the visionary and businessman – who has long invested in energy technologies – as for the UN, which has declared that the world must fight global warming with the same determination as the pandemic, one thing is certain: c t is the commitment of industry and government authorities that will make all the difference.

Make decisions for the future, now
The current environment is forcing companies to review their business plans. Now is the perfect time to reinvent yourself, to stand out from your competitors and to contribute to economic recovery with the implementation of a solid sustainable development strategy. In this regard, the energy transition, which includes the conversion of fossil fuels into clean energies as well as the efficient use of these energies, is particularly “profitable” in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The logical choice: our electricity – local, clean and more than 99% renewable. All the more so since entrepreneurs who already use it can benefit from the support of Hydro-Québec, which has placed the fight against climate change at the heart of its 2020-2024 strategy. In fact, in accordance with new government policies for the electrification of Quebec’s economy, Hydro-Quebec is contributing to the achievement of the GHG emissions reduction target set for 2030 by the Paris Agreement.

Getting the tools ready for the economic recovery
Notice to decision-makers who wish to take a green turn to ensure the profitability and sustainability of their business: Hydro-Québec’s Efficient Solutions program, which was recently enhanced, allows them to obtain financial support of up to 75% eligible costs linked to energy efficiency projects.

Hydro-Québec, attentive to its industrial, commercial and institutional customers, recently conducted a survey of them. The result: a substantial improvement – sometimes twice as beneficial – in the flagship measures of the Efficient Solutions program. These measures are aimed in particular at the implementation of new energy efficiency optimization technologies for new constructions, as well as for building renovation or expansion projects.

The customer advantage? By offering financial and technical support, the Efficient Solutions program not only helps entrepreneurs to do their part for the environment, but also to reduce the payback period of their initial investments, to decrease their operating costs and to generate quickly recurring energy savings.

Enhanced financial support for businesses
Hydro-Québec’s Efficient Solutions program has two distinct offers: the Simplified Offer and the Custom Offer.

The Simplified Offer is built around a range of measures, of which more than 200 are predefined. Using the OSE online calculator, managers can validate the eligibility of their initiatives and assess the amount of financial support to which they are entitled. Results are instantaneous, and then just follow a few simple steps to submit a claim. It’s fast and efficient!

This offer, which is suitable for all types of projects and contracts, allows companies to obtain financial support of up to 75% of eligible costs. New features include improved support for new measures and initiatives, such as the installation of thermal accumulators or the optimization of industrial refrigeration systems using high energy efficiency compressors.

The Tailor-made Offer, for its part, is reserved for major, complex or innovative projects not eligible for the Simplified Offer. The new version of the Efficient Solutions program allows businesses to receive financial support of up to $ 3M depending on the scope and nature of the project. In addition, the value assigned to kWh saved increases from 15 ¢ to 30 ¢, up to 45 ¢, depending on the business case for the project.

Whether your business is eligible for the Simplified Offer or the Custom Offer, if you have decided to optimize your buildings and processes with electricity, you can take advantage of the Efficient Solutions program to improve your energy performance and make your business profitable. installations, for example by replacing energy-intensive equipment with high-performance equipment. In any case, being daring can pay off, as the bonus is up to twice as high for innovative projects!

Incentive compensation for business partners
The Efficient Solutions program is also aimed at engineers, architects, contractors, developers and master electricians. In its enhanced version, the program offers them incentive compensation to motivate them to find new projects and analyze their profitability. This compensation is also intended to help them develop action plans to encourage their customers to adopt energy efficiency measures. For the Simplified Offer, the incentive compensation represents up to 5% of the financial support paid for all the projects carried out during one year. For the Custom Offer, 1 ¢ is granted per kWh saved, up to a cap of $ 50,000 per project.

In addition, by acting as aggregators, business partners can present to Hydro-Québec the grouped projects of several customers, on condition that they take full charge of them. Hydro-Québec thus wants to make energy efficiency within the reach of all businesses, even those which otherwise would not have access to the program or which do not have the necessary resources to participate.

Act without delay
The Efficient Solutions program was created and enhanced to help entrepreneurs in Quebec make informed decisions about energy efficiency now. By advising and supporting its partners in carrying out their projects, Hydro-Québec enables them to prosper, innovate and secure the future of their business, as well as the future of our planet.

For more information and to consult the OSE calculation tool:

Optimizing your energy efficiency is simple!

Hydro-Québec provides high-quality electricity supply to its customers, while contributing significantly to the collective wealth of Québec. With its hydroelectric facilities, the company plays a central role in building a low carbon economy. A world leader in hydroelectricity and large electricity grids, Hydro-Québec exports clean, renewable energy, and promotes its expertise and innovations on world markets.

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