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After several weeks of physical closure, Anne Fortin was able to reopen the Librairie Gourmande, a small business specializing in cuisine and gastronomy. It can again feed ideas into the people who are part of this environment and also the many cooking enthusiasts.

“People wanted to see us. We had a good first week, and it’s surprising how well it’s going, ”said the owner.

Located in the Jean-Talon Market, in Montreal, in Little-Italy, the Librairie Gourmande celebrates its 16 years of existence. Its mission is to enhance the books published in Quebec.

There are cookbooks and cookbooks, but there are also reference books, books on the history of cooking, on wines, spirits, and even “gourmet” novels that revolve around the cuisine and gastronomy. There is also a section with used books.

Books written by chefs from all over the world are the specialty of Librairie Gourmande.

“Our client base is made up of chefs, students, teachers, people from the cooking and gastronomy industries, and people who are interested in this field. We have developed, over the years, an offer that cannot be found elsewhere, “she said.

Librairie Gourmande, which is the only French-language establishment of its kind in North America, also offers books in English.

“There are no longer such bookstores in Canada. They were in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver and they have all closed, “said Anne Fortin, adding that she has a good clientele from the northeastern United States.

Day by day

Librairie Gourmande was the only store on the Jean-Talon Market that was unable to continue physically, because it was not considered an essential service. It reopened on May 27 with the implementation of health security measures and rules of distancing.

According to her, her establishment has not been as successful online as general bookstores.

“We have received orders by email, phone and through our transactional site, but we are a specialty bookstore that cannot generate as much sales as a traditional bookstore. We took it in a pretty cool way by accepting the fact that we are not part of the major leagues. We had to accept the situation, “she said in a telephone interview.

The owner is aware that the challenges will be immense in the coming months to ensure the viability of the business.

“We go there day by day. Our first week was good, and that’s a good sign, “said the owner-writer.

The suggestions Anne’s

Olive oil in everyday life | Claudia Pharand


Amazing stories of vegetables and herbs | Bertrand Dumont


Forest | Gérard Dugal and Ariane Paré


Never trust an overly thin Italian chef | Massimo Bottura


Thirteen at the table | Collective under the direction of Chrystine Brouillet and Geneviève Lefebvre


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